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Friday, November 18, 2016


 One month from today I, along with thousands of others, will be laying wreaths on the graves of our veterans. December 17 is the designated day for Wreaths Across America. I am happy to be a small part of this. It is a nationwide effort. The ultimate goal would be that every veteran received a wreath. These wreaths are not meant as a symbol of the Christian faith but rather as a symbol of eternal life. That symbolism dates way back to the days when the Egyptians and others thought evergreens were that symbol of eternal life, for the obvious reason.  A circle , of course, is unbroken as well.  It doesn't matter when they served. It only matters that they committed , at one time to serve, either voluntarily or by answering the call of the nation.
 Here in Greensboro, where I currently live, the closet family member I have in the cemetery would be my daughter in laws father. She will ensure he receives a wreath. I will purchase at least one and place it on the grave of a veteran. In years past I have chosen a Colonel Comegy, veteran of the civil war and one other at random. The tradition is becoming to say that veterans name out loud as you place the wreath and thank them for their service. The sentiment being, no one is forgotten as long as their name is spoken. A sentiment I agree with wholeheartedly.
 I have distributed the forms for ordering. So far the orders have been disappointing. I'm hoping many more will join in. I'm not much for badgering folks into buying anything. I can only tell them about the program and leave the rest to their hearts. Yes, it is a fundraiser as well, but that is not the motivation for me. Where it my decision alone I would donate the " proceeds " back to the organization to place additional wreaths. I haven't checked it all out but I'm certain someone somewhere is being paid to make the wreaths and operating costs. It could be no other way. I trust it is being run responsibly.
 On veterans day this year we placed about 250 flags on those graves. I know we will not get anywhere near that number of wreaths. Maybe 20% is achievable. How many others lie there in anonymity ? We could only identify those by existing markers or family members. Many of those graves have remained unvisited for many years, their family gone or moved away. I think it would ne a wonderful sight to see 250 wreaths placed there. Maybe one day.