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Just Me
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Thursday, November 17, 2016


   Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We will be celebrating at my home this year. It is a little small but we're family so it'll be alright. We don't mind being close to one another and everyone uses deodorant. We will have all the traditional fare. Everyone has their favorite things. For Thanksgiving I want cranberry sauce, jellied without the berries, and a rutabaga. Funny thing is I didn't know there was a difference between a rutabaga and a turnip until a few years ago. Mom always called them turnips, but they were rutabagas. Those are my requirements for the meal to be complete. Well other than the turkey everything else is optional. This year we are leaving out the green bean salad. Just not worth it.
 As with most families these days we are spread out. I have a brother living in Georgia, a sister in Florida and another son in New York. My wife's' family are all over the place as well. I was thinking about that and those Hallmark channel movies you see at the holidays. You know the ones where family comes from all over to be together. They usually have a large house with plenty of room for everyone. Yes, they will be drama but it will be followed by reconciliation. That is the usual theme anyway. I do wonder if this ever happens in real life. I personally don't know of any one that could afford such a thing. The logistics would be overwhelming. I mean how many people still live in a six bedroom house ? And those that did when the kids were home probably aren't there when the kids are all grown with their own families. It is a pleasant thought anyway.
 I often think I would have liked to live like the Waltons. Wasn't that an idealized view of living in rural America. The whole family stayed together in the same house, generation after generation. They all loved and supported each other. When one made a mistake the others rushed to help them. Oh, they got mad at one another, but never quit speaking to one another. They always said, goodnight. Wouldn't it be wonderful if that was achievable in the real world ? I have my doubts though, based on my family. We all grew up to be independent. That is what we were taught to be. The goal was to grow up, move out of the house, and start a family of your own. That is what you were expected to do. As a result we developed our own beliefs independent of what Mom and Dad may approve of. We decided on things without that input. Sometimes that is a good thing, sometimes not so much. Your family should be able to tell you things uncensored by fear of hurting your feelings. But, if they were not involved in the initial decision they are often viewed as interfering. That is were the drama begins. In those Hallmark movies those differences get resolved overnight. The reality is that seldom happens until a further, much more serious situation develops. Even then, the other disagreement is usually just set to the side temporarily.
 So my advice is gather around whatever family you can muster. Enjoy the meal and the company. Enjoy each other. I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.