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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Governing the government

  The elephant in the room is Donald Trump. He has made his presence known and isn't going away.  For good or bad he is the next President of the United States. The protests continue and likely will for a while. Whereas both actions are controversial both are protected by our constitution. It truly is a wonderful nation we live in. Are we divided ? Yes that is obvious to even the most casual of observers. The question is, what is that dividing line really ? Is it race ? Is it moral judgement or is it based on ethical choices ? Or is it as simple as the have and have nots ? Donald Trump has the task of uniting this country once again. Is that possible ? I believe it is. Will Trump to be the one to do ? No, the American people have to do that, no one man can accomplish that. Perhaps Trump, that elephant in the room has awoken something in all American that will not be put to sleep for a while. We did, ( the American people ), become complacent didn't we ? We feel asleep at the well. Fed and entertained we just let things go along as usual. It became easier to just allow anything to keep the peace. Some call that being liberal, I call it being passive. In what can only be called a bit of irony those that are the liberals, the passive, are rioting for a return to that passivity. The other faction, the conservatives, those of us that would rather stick with what we know works, have had enough. Like angry parents we are putting our collective foot down.
 This is certainly an uncomfortable time we are in. Tensions are high. Many are confused about what they are even feeling. Many are afraid. Those that are afraid cite many reasons for that fear while the others struggle to understand. The real fear is the new leadership. It is easy to just point a finger at Donald Trump and say it is him and his rhetoric that has caused this rift than to examine the real cause. The real cause is what we as Americans have allowed and indeed voted for. We attempted to " buy " safety and security. Just give the people what they want. If we just agree with everything, we can avoid conflict and controversy. And now the proverbial piper has to be paid. This is the true cost of freedom, what we are feeling right now. I'm certain those revolutionaries of our past felt the same way. Some were afraid, what will the king do and others were brave and bold. What was the big problem back then ? Taxes. It really was that simple wasn't it. The have and have nots. The ones starting the trouble were those that had to pay those taxes. It wasn't the wealthy elite. Most of them would have preferred the status quo. Business as usual. Once it was determined more money could be made by revolution, the war was on.
 A war. of sorts, has stared. This war concerns a return to what was. The people have spoken and chosen a new leader. Many are afraid of this new leader for the choices he may make. The government is going to be different. We can't be sure what to expect. That is the fear here, the unknown. The people are forcing the hand of government. All the politicians that want to keep their jobs had best be paying attention. No longer is it business as usual. No longer will government rule the people, the people will govern the government ! That is the purpose of that Constitution.