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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election day

 It's election day in America. I, along with the majority of the folks I know, are tired of the whole thing. This has undoubtedly been the most divisive campaign I have ever witnessed. Little of the issues were discussed but a whole lot of mudslinging. I can't help but feel our reputation on the international stage has been tarnished. One candidate being portrayed as nothing more than a crook and the other as a bigot. Is that what America has to offer ? It is a sad reflection upon our society. Can we take pride in whomever wins this contest ?
 I do believe the course has been set. There is no one person or party to blame. Whenever there is this much diversity obtaining unity becomes impossible. Concessions, must be made. Generally we call that assimilation. Assimilation has been branded as a bad thing. The agenda now is to have separate cultures, separate ethics and separate morality co-existing. I'm not certain that is even possible. Can you be something else and still be an American ? No, I would say you can not. The United States of America is a republic. Many do not comprehend the significance of that. That, I believe is why we are hearing the call for the abolition of the electoral college. In doing so we would effectively be transforming our government to a simple majority rule, a simple democracy. Mob rules. The electoral college serves a vital function, in fact several of them, in keeping the system balanced.
 I only mention the electoral college as an example of what I perceive as a change in the fabric of America. It is a transition from a republic to a democracy. There is a fundamental difference. Consider this: In a federal court trial the jury must always reach a unanimous decision. If we were to go to a simple majority only seven jurors need to agree. How could you justify otherwise ? That is mob rule at work. Each state sets its' own guidelines as to the requirement for unanimous decisions dependent upon whether it is a civil or criminal matter being dealt with. That is also a function of a republic. The centralization of power to a simple democratic state would be a great change indeed.
 The primary decision to be made today is whether to preserve the republic. Which candidate advocates for that action ? Do either of them ? A republic is a government that is the people and controlled by the people. A republic is not " responsive " to the people. That would imply the government is controlling the people. In a republic that is not the case. Well, not unless we allow it to do so. If two-thirds of the electorate decide to allow government to control the population, that is what we will get. So get out and vote. Vote for whatever you wish. That is the basis of a republic, the voice of the individual, not the mob.