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Just Me
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Saturday, November 12, 2016


 I have made several attempts to write something this morning. It just isn't happening. I don't expect it will make much difference to others but it does bother me. My thoughts are stuck in a place I can't seem to reach. I don't write this to elicit any sympathy. I write in an attempt to explain. It is exhausting when you have to preface your every statement with several paragraphs of contextual philosophy or references validating your statements. Everyone is talking but few are understanding. Oh, they are listening alright but not understanding. Understanding does not mean acceptance, that is a separate action. Understanding is facing reality. One may not like what the reality is. I am not excluding myself from this. Much is based upon perception. We must remember that perception is reality to the one perceiving it. That is difficult to understand.
 Well that is about all I got this morning. I'm listening. That doesn't mean I won't comment. I do think the worst thing we can do is remain silent and unquestioning. Certainly we should temper our words. Reality can be a bitter pill to swallow. I was called a " condescending jerk " by someone I don't even know. Must have been the perception he received. It gave me pause, but I have decided he was wrong. That isn't the perception I got from reading my statement. Things is, I wasn't the one doing the perceiving ! Which is the reality ? You won't know that till after it happens. Speculation and expectation isn't reality. I would say this, remain calm and accept reality. You can't change what hasn't happened.