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Friday, November 4, 2016

in left field

 You have heard the expression " out of left field " and know exactly what that means. Well, it happened to me just last evening. As I getting ready to go to bed I did one last check in on Facebook. I saw I had a notification and went to read that comment. There it was, right out of left field, a scolding for posting "good morning." I was informed of the intent the forming of a specific group, a group I have been a member of since its' inception. Now, I do not claim ownership of this group but apparently this other person does. I will not mention the name as it is unimportant to the story. The point is I was hit with that statement out of left field. My immediate reaction was to reread it to determine if that is what was indeed written. Yes, it was. My next action was a review of the entire post to see if I had missed some interaction somewhere that would precipitate such an event. No there was nothing. And then I wondered, what is the problem  ? I was bewildered and yes, a little angry at having been chastised for what I perceive to be an amicable expression of good cheer. I wrote a response and went to bed.
 I got up and went through my normal routine. I check my e-mail, go to Facebook and say hello and issue birthday greetings as appropriate. The next thing is to post a blog. I almost always write these postings in the morning but will admit that I have written others the evening before. I sat here thinking about what to write and this incident was on my mind. I did receive a response, a very cordial one I might add, and responded to that. I trust the matter has been cleared up. I am still wondering what caused that person to write such. Why would someone be so negative ? It was mentioned that this individual never opened anything I post for fear of malware or some such stuff. I can understand that. I wonder if having to open that " attachment " is what caused this anxiety, fear or anger in this person. Was it threatening in some fashion ? Still, once a day shouldn't be such a threat. I offer no enticements to do such either. I simply post it for others enjoyment or comment. Is it seen as " secretive " in this persons eyes ? I simply can't figure it out.
 This was truly an " out of left field " thing. Was it just a " random " thought ? I write those down, almost every day, but they may be a memory as well. I usually discover the source of my random thoughts during the writing process. I have found very few are, out of left field, but instead inspired by events. I can only surmise that is what happened. I posted Good Morning, many folks responded and that triggered the response. The " purpose " of the group had been violated in this persons eyes ! Perhaps I have lost the mission statement of the group. The groups purpose, as I saw it, was to connect with each other. I start that process with a hello. Well, no matter all is well. No harm, no foul as they say. Gave me something to write about anyway.
 Yes, this could be viewed as self serving and to a degree it is. It is a method to smooth ruffled feathers. I am quite aware of that. But, that is what friends are for, to listen to your complaints, troubles and share in your victories. I am pleased to have so many read my words and share their time with my thoughts. Thank You very much.