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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

of the right opinion

   Yesterday I wrote about the wearing of these safety pins. It was met with some objections and that is fine. When one confronts a popular idea it is to be expected. What I was surprised about was the presenting of " fact " to prove I was wrong. It was surprising because what I wrote wasn't about being right or wrong. It was just my opinion.
 It has always been so but has taken a front seat lately, this notion of being of the correct opinion. First let me define what an opinion is: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge: I googled that and wholeheartedly agree with that definition. That being established I will continue. How do we determine what opinion is the " correct " opinion ? That is solely determined by the person stating said opinion. There is no right or wrong ! So, why do we exert so much effort into trying to convince others of our opinions ? The answer is simple, because we believe it to be correct. It is useless to argue over opinion, doubly so when the person says it is just their opinion. Do not confuse opinion with fact. I may form my opinion based on what facts I have, but we must also remember that facts are subjective as well. They are subject to perception. And in that we will find what we perceive as being " the right opinion."
 We use facts, as well we should, in determining our opinions. In the case of this safety pin I read the " facts " that lead others to their opinion. In their opinion these pins will " bind us together " and "provide security to those feeling marginalized and scared." That is the opinion of whomever started the whole thing. Does that then make it a fact ? No, it doesn't. That is intent. It is only a fact to those that receive those feelings from seeing you wear that pin. I don't see it that way at all. I see it as a marker. It is an indication that you didn't want Trump to be president. That is what it is. Why do I say that ? These safety pins and the notion of them didn't appear until after the election. If Hillary or Gary Johnson had won would they be a thing ? I highly doubt that.
 Now if others want to wear this pin I don't really care. Everyone is entitled to their view. We are also entitled to our opinion. I grow annoyed when folks want to argue over opinion. There is no right or wrong opinion. When someone is " of the right opinion " it just means they agree with our opinion. The election has been held. Opinions have been stated, we call them votes. The predominant opinion is that Donald Trump is going to be our next president. Now, that is a fact. A fact that was created out of opinion. The opinions were tallied. Do I like the opinion ? It doesn't matter one bit if I do or not. And that is my opinion. My opinion is and will remain that the whole safety pin thing strikes me as a bit disingenuous. I'm wearing a safety pin to say I'm safe, you can talk to me, I'll protect you. Well if that is the way you feel where have you been for the last hundred years or so ? Have you been waiting to be empowered by a safety pin ! In my opinion it is akin to saying, I'm not racist, I have black friends ! And that is my opinion. Is it of the right opinion ? Not for me to decide is it ?