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Just Me
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Monday, November 7, 2016


 I try to write something every day. It is usually just whatever is on my mind. Could be just about anything. I do employ a few filters, subjects I do not write about. There are issues that one should deal with privately. I know that isn't a popular response these days. No, now we should just blurt it all out. That is what is causing a lot of the strife we see in the world today, in my opinion. I do believe in " polite company " and have written about that. Social media should be treated as such. I may know your name, your family and even have attended school with you, but how well do I know you ? We were no more than young adults back then, at best. I don't know what opinions and beliefs you have adopted since then. You know very little about me as well. We should be cordial and polite. We are not, in many cases, and I'm as guilty as anyone else. I struggle with the urge to just state my opinion, sometimes in a negative fashion. Why ? Because I seek validation for my beliefs and opinions. That is the real reason and one I am aware of. Like an addict I sometimes just can't control myself. We laugh and joke about it but who among us does not want " likes " ? We are pleased when others approve of our postings with that emoji or a " like. "
 This writing of a blog has become a habit. I am aware when I do not post something. I'm not certain why it has become such. I do look to see how many page views I garner each day. I guess that is also validation. Is that an insecurity ? Could be, as I believe we all have that issue, to a degree. Some will replace that with material objects and wealth. Those things provide the " security " they require. I'd like to give that a try. For the rest of us, how do we seek security ? We may surround ourselves with our family and friends. We pray to our God. Sadly some will attempt to just medicate the anxieties of life. They may use prescription drugs to accomplish that or resort to self medicating. The use of drugs and alcohol can give you that false sense of security. Is that what the increased insistence of legalizing marijuana for recreational use is all about ? The perception being it is somehow, a better choice. What harm can it cause ? I could argue either way on that particular subject. Just because it is legal doesn't mean I have to use it. If it is legal the likelihood of trying it is greatly increased. But that will be decided by the vote. I'll leave it to that forum.
 I will continue with this self therapy. That is what this blog writing has become for me. I write out my thoughts and am forced to consider them before publication. I have " edited " them on occasion. I only do that when I change my mind. It may sound vain but it doesn't happen often. Others may view that as stubborn, I see it as committed. You should be willing to commit to your ideas. If you are not, think about that. I started writing this morning with nothing on my mind. Well that it isn't exactly true as I was thinking perhaps it is time for me to just listen, instead of speaking. I do listen by reading other blogs and such. I have noticed that the discussion doesn't appear to change much on social media pages. We speak of the weather, food and share pictures. Then there are the " hot " topics. The ones that raise the anxiety level. Those topics incite the negative comments. Seldom is anything resolved. 
 Max Ehrmann : " Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence " is the opening phrase in the Desiderata and wise words they are. I find it difficult to accomplish that task. It is even more difficult when we don't have to be in the " crowd " as we speak. Perhaps the advice should now be, scroll past the negative leaving no comments to mark your path and enjoy the pictures of puppies. There is peace in silence. Is that why there was no fanfare, no great exaltations on the night Jesus was born. It was a " Silent Night. "
 These thoughts just rattle around in my mind and I try to express them. They are not always connected. The trick is to make that connection. When you can connect all your thoughts you are at peace. It is an understanding. It is the same thing all the great scientists have been attempting to do. A grand " unified " theory. It would be made easier if we knew what we were trying to unify.