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Friday, November 11, 2016

What did I miss

 I spent a great deal of time yesterday trying to understand. As the millennials " protest " or " riot " whichever way you choose to view it, I heard many people saying they are afraid. I can certainly understand being upset and disappointed when your candidate doesn't win, I've been there. I don't have a problem with the peaceful display of their feelings. I do have a problem with lawlessness. But what I was trying to understand is this fear. I asked the question several times but never received a straightforward answer. My question is, what legislation do you believe Donald Trump will pass that will change the fundamental nature of America ? My point being that " hate " crimes will remain hate crimes. I can not see any legislation being proposed that will oppress any minority groups. Is it the fear that current laws will be enforced ? No matter what vile things have been spewed by the president elect I can not see that " empowering " anyone. Hate exists and always will. All these groups existed long before Donald Trump came along and will no doubt exist long after he is gone.
 Now, I didn't vote for him or her. That is a personal choice. I could be justly angered by the results. I avoided that by staring the truth in the face and accepting that. My conscience would not allow me to promote what I considered evil in any way. A vote for either of them would have been just that in my opinion. So, I awoke to find Donald Trump has been chosen, by due process, and I will honor that decision. That is what being an American is all about. The rule of law. Sadly this election cycle was not about " issues " but about personalities. The bolder one, won the day. But, campaigning is nothing more than pre--game hype. How " qualified " anyone is to assume the most powerful office in the world can not be measured. The electorate has decided that Donald Trump will lead the nation in the direction they want it to go. I don't believe that Donald Trump and the Republican party have any agenda of oppression in mind. I do believe that a more " common sense " approach, a business approach has been chosen over the policy of government control. It is large government vs limited government. Is that the fear ? I don't think so. I'm still trying to understand.
 I did attempt to have a dialogue but that wasn't forthcoming. Much anger and hate was spewed. That came from both sides. Donald Trump did not instill anything into anybody. Those feelings or beliefs were already there. I do not believe, for a second, that Donald Trump and the majority party will do anything to legitimize any hate crimes. Yes, some will spew forth their venom in a celebratory fashion, but they are the fools. Yes, some will riot and they are also the fools. It would most likely had been the same had Hillary Clinton prevailed. There are those that will cause that unrest. I will say that until the law is enforced we will continue to see the growth of these behaviors. No accountability for actions will embolden those that wish to cause harm.
 We can not legislate according to our feelings. You do not understand my feelings. You are correct. I do not understand your feelings. But one can not govern based on feelings. Whose feelings take precedence ? Are your feelings any more valid than mine ? When we cast our ballot we hopefully vote for the candidate we " feel "  will be best for the nation. I hope that " feeling " is based on gathering all the available information you can. The feeling I had about the two majority candidates led me to vote for a third party candidate. I fully accept the decision of the people. I may not have a good feeling about it but that is not the point. I'm still waiting for an answer. Just what legislation has Donald Trump proposed that should cause personal fear for your safety ? Did I miss that ?