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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


 My wife made my mounted moose. You may have seen a picture of it on Facebook. I post a lot of stuff on Facebook. Probably more than I should but it seems like a harmless enough thing to do. Well at least in my case in does, I don't have anything to hide. I do wonder about some of the postings I see. But all of that is another story. I was talking about my moose. She finished up the crocheting and I  mounted it to a wall plaque. I really like it. My grandson came over and I proudly showed it to him. He smiled at it and said, I like this part. The part he was talking about is called the scruff.  The scruff is a bunch of whisker like strings hanging from the chin. Now, not being a big hunter or animal expert I didn't know that is what that was called until my wife made it. The instruction book says is the chin scruff. Strangely I went to google and couldn't find any reference there to such a thing. So, I'm not certain about the accuracy of that anymore. Well, it doesn't matter much the point was that little detail is what he liked. That led me to think, it is always in the details isn't it ? The little details are what attract the attention.
 I have always admired those that can reduce things to the lowest denominator. They are the ones that pick up on those details. Whether they are artists, writers or musicians they just go directly to the point. The artist that does caricatures best exemplify  that ability. They just pick out that one feature,  and go with it. Writers say whatever in a few words. I think I admire that because it is so easy to get lost. Isn't that why we stare at great works of art ? We are looking for those details that speak to us. Classical music is the same way, you have to learn to listen to that to fully appreciate it. I didn't and I don't. I like things simple and direct. Simplifying the details is a gift few people posses. Those that sort through all the static and distraction and get to the point. The trick is to identify that detail that appeals to the majority of the people. Now take my moose. It looked great before that scruff was added. I didn't even know a moose should have a scruff but when it was added, it was perfect. The picture in my mind was complete. Did I know, subconsciously, that a moose should have chin scruff ? The only moose I am familiar with is Bullwinkle. Bullwinkle doesn't have chin scruff though. Curious, but maybe I have seen that somewhere else. At any rate that was the detail that finished it.
  How many times do we miss the details in life ? It is easy to do when we concentrate on ourselves. It is a fault of us humans. I'm certainly no exception to that rule. I get self absorbed. When that happens I  miss the details. I begin to react to situations without knowing all the facts, there is a detail I have missed. There are times when I am aware of that detail, but consider it insignificant.  That is simply because I am looking at the detail as it pertains to me, not you. Each of us do perceive things in a different way. That is why we have likes and dislikes, taste we call it, in just about everything. When we understand the " details " that please others we begin to understand that person. It is like picking out a gift for them. If you know the little " details " you can pick something appropriate that speaks to them. The " details " define the person or the object. Learn the details.
 You may find that you don't like what you learn or see. There are no guarantees. You do owe it to yourself and others to learn as much as you can before passing that judgement. Remember judgement is not condemnation. Judgement is nothing more than making a reasoned decision based on what you consider sensible. It is alright for others to reach a different judgement.

The Monumental Moose