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Just Me
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

the last word

 There is no more discussion. The decision has been made. Time to move on. It is my hope that the wounds of battle can be healed and we all work together. Just as casting your vote was a civic duty, so too, the acceptance of the result. I understand it is easier to be gracious when you win. I also understand the disappointment of losing. The candidate I choose did not win. My candidate didn't get so much as an honorable mention. He is just a footnote in this election. I accept that. To protest the results of the election is to protest the Republic ! Are those folks rioting in the streets aware that they are protesting the government that gives them that right ? It is a sad day in America indeed. Colleges and Universities closed because the students are " grieving " the loss ? Their feelings are hurt ? Really and this is preparing them for real life ?
 Bottom line is the system worked as designed. The choice has been made. Be adults and accept the results. Win some, lose some. The electorate has spoken. I am ashamed that the world has to see our nation in this state. We look like some third world nation. Elections are held and rioting ensues in the streets. Where is the dignity in that ? Where is that " strength of character " that made us Americans ? Strong and independent we formed a nation. We fought for our freedom and achieved that. We formed a republic. We pledge our allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands. Now I see the flag lying in the streets and rioters wishing to destroy that  republic.
 My resolve has not wavered, my character remains intact. I still stand for America, and the anthem for that matter. Am I angry ? Yes ! I am angry that we are raising a generation that does not understand what the basis of freedom really is. That basis is independence, accountability and responsibility. Freedom is not mob rule ! I'm angry. Do not insult my nation. The system worked and that is the last word.