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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

my brothers keeper

There are times when I find myself becoming a cynic. I wonder if I am justified ? Sadly, in too many instances I believe I am. Something that brought this to the forefront is this past election. Just who can you trust ? If this is the best America has to offer we are genuinely in trouble. Hear that ? That is cynicism. I listen to this television commercial about car insurance. You have probably heard it too. In it the guy says the insurance company didn't give him full car replacement. He goes on to say, they told me I picked the wrong policy and continues with, no, I picked the wrong insurance company. Oh its' subtle but its' there. The fault lies with the company not the person. He didn't buy the correct policy and it is somehow the company's fault ! Now you tell me he didn't buy whatever policy he wanted right. Sounds to me like it was his fault as I'm certain the company would have gladly sold him a higher priced policy that would have guaranteed full car replacement. And why should that bother me ? Because it is just adding to this whole attitude of " I'm not responsible " for anything that is going on in this country. More of this " cry baby " stuff. You bought the wrong policy ! The company sold you what you asked for and that is exactly what you got !
 All this political correctness is adding to the cynicism I feel. If folks aren't allowed to speak plainly and say what they are really thinking it is no wonder. How am I supposed to know what it is you're thinking if you aren't allowed to say it ? Oh, it's offensive. Well, I would rather offend you than deceive you. Not everyone is going to like my view but that's alright, I will tell you, plainly what that view is. And what really gets me going is the blaming for what happened a hundred years ago. I'm not responsible for what anyone did a hundred years ago ! I may be my brothers keeper, but not my grandfathers ! To be your brothers keeper is to watch out for and take care of your fellow man. There just isn't anything I can do to change the past. I can learn from it, that is true, but, news flash, not everything in the past was wrong ! To learn is not always to replace. There are truths that remain generation after generation. Progress doesn't mean replacing with something new. Progress means understanding. You don't need to rewrite history to make progress.
 Well, I guess that is my rant for this day. I woke up feeling annoyed by all of this. The election is over, the decision was made, but all I hear is complaining. Hey, I didn't vote for him or her but I'm not complaining about the results. I knew one of them would win that is how it works in America. Trump said the election was rigged. Hillary said, the foundation of Democracy is the peaceful transition of power and you should accept the results. Both just added to the cynicism I feel. Can you believe any of them ? Yeah, today I'm a big time cynic but it'll pass. There are still good, honest folk out there.