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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A new president

 What does it say about the American people when they are unwilling to publically support their candidate ? Isn't that what just happened ? I am surprised by the result. I did not support either of the major candidates and said so on more than one occasion. I am surprised by all the " professionals " that got it wrong. Could it be that the main stream media has grown so accustomed to influencing the people they couldn't see the writing on the wall ? I was convinced that Hillary would win in some fashion. My reason for doing so was a lack of faith in my fellow Americans. I really thought a large number would just fall in line. I congratulate America for not doing that. I question the wisdom of their choice but I honor that choice.
 As to why the people did not publically support Donald Trump I think the answer is a simple one. It is a private decision and should be. It really is none of your business. Many feared retaliation for displaying support for the " wrong " candidate. This election, as we all know, was a contest not on the issues, but on personality. It is like playing those games that have gained so much popularity in recent years, Survivor or Big Brother. Say one thing and do another. Or just don't say anything out loud. The object here is to win. Donald Trump won and that kinda proves my point. I hope that he can deliver.
 Don't despair however. We should keep in mind that the President does have to have the support of the Senate and the House in order to accomplish much. He is not running around with his finger on a nuclear button ! It could be that the business of government does require a businessman. Our early Presidents were all businessmen. Being the President was a side-line thing for them. So was Congress. It was those businessmen that created the " job security " that they all enjoy today. They have over the years given themselves many pay raises and benefits. One could say they have done so to the detriment of the business. The business is governing. To govern is to keep in check, under control. Will the new president of the company change the way business is done ? No, we do have the rule of law. Will the new president hold his employees accountable ? Let's hope so. That is how things are going to get done. Looks like the gravy train has been overtaken by the Trump train.
 The people have spoken. The votes have been counted and the results are in. Yeah we are all a little bit nervous. That's normal when you get a new boss.