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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

a hobby ?

 Sometime back I heard about this elf on a shelf thing. I read a little about it and it seemed like a fun thing to do with smaller children. I admit I don't remember much about the whole deal. I don't have the elf. What I do have are shelf sitters. I got a few at the dollar store years ago on an impulse buy. I have packed them away with the Christmas stuff every year. This year will be different. I'm taking them out and leaving them out. I have, without really being aware, begun to collect a few of them. I saw a pair for Halloween that I wanted, again at the dollar store. Dracula and the mummy sit on a shelf now. They will remain there. I have decided to start collecting them. Now, I have never really collected anything. At least not seriously collected anything and I suspect this will be no different. It doesn't prevent me from being excited about it at the moment. I have plans to build additional shelving should that become necessary. My thought is to just have them scattered about the house at random locations. As I understand it that elf gets moved about and that sounds interesting. I don't have little kids around anymore but I forget a lot so I can rediscover them myself ! That is what is known as making the best of things.
 I'm thinking this may be an affordable hobby. The majority of shelf sitters I have came from the dollar store. Now that's affordable. My wife has a little bench with some whimsical birds sitting on it. They are a type of shelf sitter. They are ceramic and hand painted. The cost was more than the dollar store but of higher quality. I am not so concerned with the quality or value however, I just have taken a fancy to them. Isn't that why people begin to collect these things ? My plan is to just buy them as I come across them. Going online to search for them isn't any fun. To me " collecting " would be just that. To "find" them and "collect" them. The find must be random not a hunt. Does any of that make sense ?  The best way I can think to describe it would be it isn't hunting to go to the game farm. So, going online or to the " shelf sitter " store doesn't count.
 Is collecting a hobby ? If it is it would certainly fall under the category of the lazy mans' hobby. It really doesn't require much effort. It is unfortunate, but an indisputable fact, I have no artistic ability whatsoever. If I did I would consider making my own and that could perhaps lend credence to collecting shelf sitters as a hobby. I mean, a hobby does require a craft doesn't it ? I could perhaps, on a good day, make Humpty-Dumpty because he is after all, broken. He is just an egg shaped thing, I could manage that much, the painting of the character though, well it would have to be a good day. Well at any rate I'll have to see how this plays out. I can't say for a certainty that my interest will not fade away. It has done so on more than one occasion. I had, at one time, quite the collection of Jack Daniels pins. Where or what happened to them I couldn't say. I guess I just outgrew that. I'm thankful that tattoos weren't as popular back in my younger years or I just might have had a regrettable one. Was a day when I thought those things were " cool " and very adult.  Shelf sitters are just whimsical aren't they ? Or will others think something different ? You see, with me, anything I collect I also want to use. A shelf sitter fits that bill nicely and is within my budget. Were I Jay Leno it would be cars and trucks. I would drive and use each and every one of them. I have no desire to own anything I wouldn't consider using. What fun is that ? So I'm saying collecting isn't  a hobby. Collectors collect stuff. Hobbyists use stuff. I'm not a collector but a hobbyist. My hobby is collecting shelf sitters. But that would make me a collector, wouldn't it ?  I don't know, I'll practice my hobby, just sit here and think about it. That is what my collection does. Just sits there. Good hobby, don't you think ?