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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

safety pins

 It started with ribbons and has shifted to a safety pin. They are called awareness ribbons and, I would assume an awareness pin. They are used to show support for a cause. Well, that is what they developed into anyway. But a little history here. The prevailing theory is it began with U S Cavalry soldiers wives. They supposedly wore a yellow ribbon, symbolizing the yellow scarf worn by cavalry soldiers, as a symbol of their love. There are quite a few different versions so take your pick. But, anyway it was popular thing long before Tony Orlando sang that song. My favorite story is that it came from a quote that Napoleon said.  A man will do a lot of fighting for a colored ribbon. He, of course, was referring to the ribbons that soldiers earn. And yes, some certainly will do a lot for those ribbons. So awareness ribbons are just that, to point out your accomplishments and make others aware of them. I earned a few during my time in the military and they are now in a shadow box hanging on the bedroom wall. They are there alongside my fathers' ribbons and medals from WW2.
 In more modern days, I think it may have begun with Pink ribbons showing support for breast cancer survivors. It was worn to show support, raise awareness and show that you cared. A symbol of solidarity. Nothing wrong with that. Other causes soon began adopting different colors to identify their causes. Then we have the whole rainbow thing going on. That's a flag though. The whole point was to show support. I get that. Now I'm , not much of a ribbon wearer, my actions speak for me. I was never one to display my " ribbons " as it feels like I'm bragging or something. As far as supporting a cause like breast cancer or other illnesses do I really need to display that ? I don't think so as any normal person would certainly support that sort of stuff. I mean, who wouldn't want to offer their support to someone suffering ? But that is just a personal thing and if you want to wear your ribbons, go for it.
 Now we have progressed to wearing a safety pin. As I understand it this safety pin is supposed to indicate that you are a safe person. You support everybody and everything. Oh, and you oppose Donald Trump, definitely you oppose Donald Trump. So, as I understand this whole safety pin thing by wearing that I am saying I'm not, name anything contrary to accepted social behaviors. I'm a safe person because I will not say or do anything to possibly offend you. I am identifying myself. Well to me this is just weird. This is a sort of reverse of the intent of those ribbons. These safety pins are divisive instead of being inclusive. That is their true purpose. What do they support ? Being a decent human being ? Is that really what people wearing them are trying to promote ? Look at me, I am an example of what a good person looks like. You can tell because I'm wearing a safety pin. Don't interact with those without a pin, they might hurt your feelings. I was taught that it was wrong to have people wear identifiers publically to show their shortcomings or to segregate them. You know like the scarlet letter or forcing the Jews to wear the Star of David. How is this different ? Now the " good " people are self identifying themselves in much the same manner. The same people that are calling for inclusiveness. Am I am the only one that sees the irony in that ? By not wearing a safety pin is not the implication going to be, that person must be unsafe ! A sort of reverse public shaming. Like pleading the fifth, and what does that say ?
 Well I will not be coerced into wearing any ribbons or safety pins. My actions speak for who I am. If you are afraid to even talk to me I'm sorry about that. The whole safety pin thing just strikes me as somewhat disingenuous. Yes some call it social awareness. I don't need a pin to tell me to be a good person. I don't need to wear a pin so you can feel safe. That is an issue of your own making if you feel otherwise. I have never been much for jumping on the bandwagon, too crowded for my taste. I'll stay off and walk among the people. Some of them I will like and others I will have issue with. That is the way life works.
 I know that this isn't a popular stand but it is the way I feel about this whole thing. Wearing ribbons to show support and raise funding for good is one thing. Wearing a safety pin to just say, I'm a good person, is just silly. My opinion. If you like it, do it. If it does any good at all I suppose it will be worth it. Me, I'll just go on treating people the way I always have. I don't believe anyone is afraid of me, I'm a safe person. I may not always agree with everything and anything that gains popularity. I might even disagree with you on matters of ethics and morality. I'm still safe enough, I won't kill you or subjugate you. If you make me mad enough I just won't talk to you anymore. I'll take my ball and go home.