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Just Me
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Sunday, November 6, 2016


 It is not a popular opinion, of that I am aware, but an opinion I hold nonetheless. I believe each us has a role to play. That role was assigned at birth and it is our mission to complete that role. Yes, we are given free reign to complete the task in any way we choose. That is free choice as I understand it. Some of us will become convinced that we have discovered our purpose and others will never feel that way. There are two sides to every equation. Factors are also variable and may alter the results. I believe our roles are assigned, but the end result is not. If it where, what purpose would the " in-between " time serve ? If everything were predetermined there would be no reason for living. There would also be no reason for questioning. If you can't change the outcome, the why of it is irrelevant. It just is. I don't believe we just are. We all have a purpose.
 At various times and stages in life we all feel like we know our purpose. Or, more correctly, we pursue interests that we feel are beneficial to us. That is where things get a little tricky. We have to answer the question, are we here to please ourselves, or for the benefit of others ? Ethics and morality are the filters employed to check our behaviors. They are transient things, those ethical and moral behaviors, dependent upon the society in general. The constant is mans' desire to alter those parameters. That is the epic struggle we all face. Integrity is what others perceive about us gauged on our actions. The reality is that only we can measure our integrity. We are the sole proprietor of that knowledge. It is our integrity we seek to justify when we deviate from those moral and ethical behaviors imposed by the society. We convince ourselves that our actions are correct. Those actions become our purpose. Those actions may or may not be in line with accepted behaviors. That is also the reason for those artificial means of measuring success.
 First and foremost on that list is wealth. If you are wealthy, you are successful. Isn't that the perception ? Even when that person is viewed as evil they are considered successful. The ability to accumulate wealth is the standard. Many will complain about the method used to obtain that wealth or call for a more equitable disbursement of those monies, but the person responsible is still a success. Popularity is also a measure of success. If you are well liked and respected in the community, you are a success. Not as successful as the rich man, but a success nonetheless. Is that there purpose in life ? Have they fulfilled that ? How can we know ?
 I say we don't need to know. We should be concerned with our own purpose. But how can we know what to do to if we don't what the purpose is ? It does sound like a paradox but I feel the answer is simple. If you act within the bounds of your own integrity you will find success. We instinctively know what is right and wrong. We know the " golden rule. "  How closely we follow that rule is a measure of our integrity. I would say it is the standard. And the true measure of success should be happiness. If you are happy you are a success. Do not confuse happiness with gratification, they are separate things. Gratification is concerned with the satisfaction of desire and is temporary. Happiness is a peaceful soul, or countenance for non-believer.
 I started by talking about what our role in life may be. I do believe we all have one. I also believe there are many paths to fulfilling that purpose and knowing what it is isn't necessary. I don't know why I am here or what my purpose is, was or might be. I don't think when you fulfill your purpose you just die. That just seems a little melodramatic to me. Why shouldn't my God allow me to enjoy my success ? So, I'm thinking the best we can do is follow the " rule " and keep trying. I do think I have spent a great deal of time just observing. At this point in my life I have taken to chronicling those observations. To what purpose ? That is a valid question, but I would answer with, is purpose necessary ? Should we only do those things that serve a purpose ? Generally speaking man has always sought to please the " gods ."  How best can I accomplish that ? That is the great question mankind has struggled with since time immemorial. Purpose, is it necessary ? Yes, I think it is.