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Monday, November 21, 2016

as serious as a heart attack

 I just finished reading another's blog, as I often do in the morning, and she was talking about taking life seriously. My first thought was, as serious as a heart attack, which is a saying I use a lot. A heart attack implies death doesn't it ? And we should take our death seriously. For a Christian isn't that what we work our whole life for ? Yes, the lord does work in mysterious ways indeed. Which thought leads me to say, we should live our lives with honesty and integrity. In so doing, we will live a good life. As to purpose, well that is another topic altogether in my estimation. I can live a good and fruitful life without ever knowing to what purpose it was, as long as I was honest about it. I do believe whatever I need to know will be revealed to me. It is incumbent upon me to see it. All of this concerns that initial blog I read. Should we take life seriously ? Well, I have to agree with my friend that life is a serious business. It is ourselves that we have to guard against being taken too seriously. We can become convinced of our own importance, to our own detriment. Humility is key to happiness. Humility is cultivated by the absence of pride. There are about 7.5 billion people in the world. You are just one of them. If that simple fact doesn't humble you just a bit, you should reconsider. If you think of yourself as one in a million , there are still over seven thousand just like you in the world !
 We are the aggregate of our life experiences. Each and every nuance does effect us. It is our job to take those experiences and apply them properly in every situation. When you think about that, it is quite the task. For the Christian isn't that the purpose of the Bible ? It is a sort of manual for using those experiences, those tools that we are given. It is true that we are sometimes handed a tool we have no idea how to us. In some cases we can't even imagine why we were given it ! But, the fact is all tools have a purpose, some generalized and some have a very specific function. Hey, that tool that hangs on the wall for years unused becomes indispensable when you need it. Without it you can't get the job done. I wonder if I am a general tool, the common everyday thing or do I have a special purpose ? I think we all like to believe we are special in some way. Nobody wants to be the hammer. That tool just gets tossed around and is easily replaced. But a specific tool, like a fine chisel, requires attention and care. It is highly valued. The question is, is one tool to be taken more seriously than another ? You need that hammer. You also need the chisel. The degree to which you need either depends upon the job being done. That speaks to your purpose. What are you here to do ? Does it matter ?  Yes, of course it matters and whatever that job is it needs to be taken seriously. Life is a serious business. The manner in which you conduct your business will determine its' success or failure. And what is the goal in life ? That goal, for the Christian, is to be achieved in death. As serious as a heart attack, indeed.