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Just Me
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Saturday, October 1, 2016

not my fault

 I think it is fair to say I am a reactive person. Many feel you should be proactive in life and I can see their point but being reactive causes less drama. But perhaps being reactive is nothing more than the avoidance of responsibility or accountability. Is that my ulterior motive ? It is something to consider. What would you say about yourself ? More importantly what does that say about you ? Given the opportunity would you like to be the boss ? I've been there and done that and admit it has it advantages. I'm not convinced that it is a position I relished having though. It was a reactive thing as it was what was expected. I did the job, adequately I believe, but not in an exemplary fashion. I just did what was necessary to complete the task.
 I think that I am reactive because I need to see the issue first. I do not spot trouble ahead of time. I do tend to accept things as I see them. Is that a lack of empathy ? I suppose one could say that and it be a fair statement. I just think you have to know the situation before you can empathize with it. Therefore I am reactive in nature. I also do not believe that change should be implemented for the sake of change. The " old " ways may still be the most effective method. Is easier or faster always the goal ? I don't think it should be, results are what counts. That is the reason we embrace " home made " isn't it ? When we think of the highest quality, we think hand made, by an individual craftsman. For that reason I hesitate or in my view, react to a need or desire.
 The argument could be made that everything man does is reactive. Man didn't start all of this. Man has reacted to his environment. We adapted to the situation. I don't think we evolved from another species. If we had done that we could interbreed with the other species on this planet. That is what the definition of a species is. Look I'm no biologist or whatever but that is plain common sense to me. And so we have adapted to the environment and made advances due to our intelligence. How or why our brains developed in this fashion is nothing short of a miracle. Personally I think it is all part of the plan but that is another topic altogether. My point being man has reacted to everything over the millennia.
 Now reading over what I have written leaves me wondering what it is I am saying. I'm certain it has done the same to you. The question here is does everything we think or say have to mean something ? I don't think they do on an individual basis. Collectively however these thoughts form our conscience. Trying to understand all the pieces should be our goal in life. It is in that way we will find peace with ourselves. And if you don't have peace with yourself, you won't have it with anyone else. I'm quite comfortable with giving advice once asked. I'll tell you what to do ! That is a reactive thing. It is also a protective thing. Hey, you asked for it. So bottom line is, it is not my fault.