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Just Me
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Saturday, October 29, 2016


 I sat down and tried to think of how to arrange these symbols into something that you could decipher. In doing so I hope you will be entertained. Isn't that what writing is really all about ? It is certainly something we don't often give a thought to. Really it is an amazing thing. I can just arrange these symbols and elicit emotional responses from you. I could make you mad, sad, or happy. I can make you think or dismiss my thoughts as insignificant. These symbols can also inform or misinform.
 The most difficult part is getting you to interpret the symbols in the context of their usage. In other words, what I am really trying to say. Those words may indeed incite a response but the wrong one ! It happens more often than I would like. I can place the blame no where but on myself. I, and I alone am arranging the symbols. That is why I try to chose my vocabulary carefully. Each word does have a rather unique meaning in its' own context. Why else would we have so many ? It is the communication of " ideas " that cause the issues. I do tend to ramble on a bit every now and again in an effort to explain. There are times when I get lost in my own thoughts. It should be no surprise when I lose you ! Yet I am surprised when something I have written gets totally convoluted. Again, I take responsibility for that.
 I wonder if we are interpreting hieroglyphs in the context of their usage ? Do we really know what they meant ? I'd have to say based on my own experience, probably not. Were those ancient people just being sarcastic ! Might be. Take our language as an example. I've arranged these symbols in this certain order and it says, " Good Morning. " Is that a statement of fact or an opinion ? If I wish you a good morning what do I mean ? If I say the morning started out good does that imply the rest of the morning got worse ? You wouldn't know unless I tell you. It could be the morning started out good and got great ! That is what I am thinking about when reading whatever symbols you post. What do you mean ?
 This morning I really didn't have much on my mind to write about. I try not to bore you with the trivia of everyday life. I hope to be at least mildly entertaining. My writing also serves a form of therapy. I can get things off my chest as the saying goes. Often when I write the words I am thinking and read them back, I find it isn't what I really wanted to say. It is a " wait a minute " sort of thing. I think if we all could hear what we were saying before we said it, the world would be a kinder place. We need like a two second delay between thought and sound. Give us a moment to hear the more subtle message being sent. Emotion precedes thought ! Emotion does stimulate a response and it is often immediate. We are wise to delay our response to whatever that emotion incites, tempering our reaction with empathy and reason. I find my fingers hovering over this keyboard all too quick to strike. I make an effort not to do so, but fail in that attempt on occasion. Maybe a delay between thought and motor response would be equally as wise.
 So I hope you enjoyed deciphering these symbols. Take a moment to marvel at that ability. I can't imagine how it would be to not have that skill. It really is something that we take for granted. Fact is it is a skill learned and learned at an early age. If we so smart as to learn that when we were say five or so how can so many be so stupid ? Is that a rhetorical question or am I serious ?  Decipher that.