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Thursday, October 13, 2016

standing up

 I have written in the past about age differences. What I was thinking about was when we were children. Two years or more seemed like a big deal. This was especially true with brothers and sisters. The way they remembered things was often different from what I remembered, if I remembered it at all. It is also evident if you talk with the younger siblings of your friends. I have had the pleasure to reconnect with a few here on Facebook and discovered just that. The other day it became starkly evident. I was speaking with a younger sister of my sisters friend. We were talking about our Moms and how they were doing. Hers, sadly is suffering from Alzheimer's and mine, thankfully is just getting old ! The thought entered my mind and I said to her, look at us, talking like adults ! Truth is, we are grandparents. At least I am, not sure about my friend but she is old enough to be. Our differences are in memory. That is the point here.
 I'm not sure why but I was thinking about this again when I thought, when we get older we do age differently. What I'm thinking about now is how much physical difference can exist with those of the same age. I know some folks, say 63 or so, that can barely walk. I know others that run marathons ! I wonder why that should be so ? Oh, I know there are lifestyle choices that can influence that and events in life also may take a physical toll, but not in every case. I sometimes find myself shuddering to think I may be in such a state myself, soon. Then I remind myself of some people I know that were well into their eighties still doing everything fine. Yes, they may have been a bit slower, but they were still doing whatever they liked. I wonder if that was from necessity or just their personalities. Know what I mean ? If you don't have the resources to hire someone else you do have to do it yourself. For some though I think even if they were millionaires they would still want to do it themselves. I'm thinking it is related to what I wrote about yesterday, attitude. My attitude is, I'm not too old to do whatever I really want to do. I also like to think I'm wise enough to know what I shouldn't do. Wisdom should be the byproduct of aging. It isn't always so however ! I do believe if you want something done right you need to do it yourself. That is human nature to me, but apparently others don't think so.
 When we are young it is our " brains " that separate us into groups. Not intelligence so much as perception. Call it experience points. The younger ones not always receiving all the available information on a subject or just plain not understanding the subject altogether. I have found that to be the case with my siblings more often than not. I wasn't told certain " things " as I was too young. I'm thinking that is changing in todays world and we will have to see if it is for the better. I tend to subscribe to let children remain children as long as possible. There is plenty of time to be an adult ! My heroes weren't crushed before I learned the lesson they were designed to teach. And that is a big difference between the " old " days and today. Our heroes did teach us life lessons without us even being aware of it. Superman defended the American way of life ! The Lone Ranger and his trusty sidekick Tonto took care of the criminals. Tonto wasn't complaining about the white man and the Lone Ranger respected Tonto ! No big deal right ? No one needed to point that out, the message was there to see, if you even gave it any thought at all. What are the children learning now ? What heroes do they have ? Even Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny do not enjoy a long life anymore. Not even the pretense of belief is allowed to the children of today. I find it sad.
 But I have wandered off just a bit. What I was going to say was, when we get older it is our physical state that begins to separate us. The ones that can do and the ones that can not. Age, in years, has little to do with it sometimes. It is almost the opposite of when we were young. I think the secret is to keep that attitude of youth, mix it with the wisdom of aging, and the desire to just keep going. Patience is a virtue and something that we all need to learn. Could be that patience is what will win out in the end. Like the tortoise and the hare, no need to hurry to get there. Years don't make you old, you make yourself old by acceptance. It may be a conscious thing, or just sneak up on you. The truth is you have to accept it and I'm not ready to do that. Yes I have limitations and I am aware of that. I have always had limitations, we all do. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do all that you are able to do. Don't allow your limitations to limit you ! Just go forward wisely. That's is all I'm saying. I don't need to stand out, just stand up.