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Monday, October 31, 2016

dissent or common sense

    Dissent or common sense ? It seems the two are being confused on a regular basis these days. At least that is my observation. When I, or others state what should be common sense it becomes recognized as dissent. Take for instance all the illegals in the country. These folks have, for whatever reason, chosen to enter my country illegally. Reason and logic should tell you they have broken the law and are therefore criminals. But no, they are being called undocumented immigrants. I often point out if I robbed the bank, a criminal act, it wouldn't be considered an undocumented withdrawal ! No, that would get me labeled a criminal. Another example are those complaining about all the arrests for marijuana use and possession. Well those folks are breaking the law and the police are doing their job. Common sense says they should be arrested. When I point that out I am the voice of dissent. It shouldn't be illegal. I didn't address whether the law should exist or not, what I did address is what the law currently is.
 Another position I find myself at odds with is all this protesting. Yes, we have the right to peaceful assembly. That is the first amendment. That amendment does not give you the right to break the law, only to request redress from the law. Protesting does not mean lawlessness. I find myself in support of many things being protested but can not justify breaking the law. That just seems contrary to what you are doing. If we allow " crowds " to influence the enforcement of law, anarchy will follow. The police and other agencies are being labeled as the wrongdoers for enforcing the law. We can not allow mobs to rewrite laws as they see fit. Citizens have an obligation to the country. We must as citizens abide by the law of the land. In order to enjoy the " freedom " our nation provides we must pay a price. Surely everyone can agree that freedom isn't free. This isn't Burger King buttercup, you don't always get it your way.
 And one more thing, all this demanding of restitution for the past. You may feel enlightened and so very progressive but you know what ? You can't rewrite history. If you choose to be a victim, you will always remain one. The injustices of the past will not change the future. Only you can effect those changes. Using the past as a crutch will not get you very far. I hear many saying how poorly those in the past were treated. Yes, it happened. How far shall we go back ? Oh, the native Americans had their land invaded by the Europeans. Yup, and the Europeans were fleeing from what ? They didn't come here for the fun of it. So the real folks to blame are whom ? The ones that forced the Europeans to migrate, to become refugees in a foreign land. And then those refugees changed the land to suit themselves. Does that sound a bit familiar ? It should , the voice of reason is telling you that is happening right now. Ah, but then I am the voice of dissent.
 That is my rant for this day and one I expect will not be warmly welcomed. No matter I feel compelled to point out what I see as common sense and reason. I think many are sorely in need.