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Saturday, October 22, 2016

creating success

 I think the most creative people always do the creating for themselves. That would explain why they become so self involved. When the " art " whatever it may be, is not so pleasing to others we call them eccentric or just plain nuts. When the " art " is pleasing we begin to call them genius. Strange how that works isn't it ? You struggle to create and wait for approval from others. Of course some do not seek that approval and continue to create. Are we only successful if we receive that approval ? I believe that depends upon the individual. Well, individual and economics. It is far easier to be successful if you are financially stable. The perception of success is dependent upon the mental state of the individual. How do they measure success ? Is success only enjoyed when shared ?
 I can only speak for myself in regard to that question. I answer in the affirmative. Yes, success is enjoyed the greatest when shared. Sure I take some personal pleasure in accomplishment but then I seldom doubt that I will fail myself. The " fear " is in failing to satisfy others. For it is only from others that I can receive confirmation. The feeling of success, of acceptance is what I seek. There is no consequence if I fail myself but the consequence of failing, in a public way, is altogether a different experience.
 As to the measurement of success, is it not in monetary gain ? Do you know any " successful " paupers ? It is fact that you can be pretty darn eccentric as long as you are wealthy. If you are poor, you're nuts ! Many will argue this point of view and attempt to disprove it. I challenge them to do so. Keep in mind that I am not talking about how it should be, but what it is. The only argument that can come close is Mother Teresa. She devoted her life to helping the less fortunate in this world. She garnered no personal wealth. She did however enjoy a measure of fame so I would argue that she was rich in that regard. She was certainly receiving affirmation of her good works. She was a success, no doubt about that, and deserving of whatever she received.
 I think money and success are bedfellows. A little of either one and you want more. You can become obsessed with either one. Then we become concerned with the displaying of our success. Is that why we build mansions and drive expensive cars ? Are they physical manifestations of our perceived successes ? Are they the "proof ! " They can certainly serve that purpose well. I'm impressed with those auspicious displays. They leave no doubt that they are successful folks. The manner in which they achieved that success is another area of discussion altogether. What is the cost of success ? That would vary with each individual. For some success is no effort at all, a gift almost. Others will struggle mightily.
 That is all concerned with success in the society. It is not the personal side of creating. You may take great satisfaction in whatever you create and not require that affirmation. Some don't share their creations at all. For me however, having created something I am pleased with, I want to share that pleasure. Yes, I am disappointed when it doesn't meet with the reaction I had anticipated. It does have an effect upon me. I'd be foolish to try to deny that. Despite all the good advice to the contrary, it does and will continue to do so. When I am creating something, whether it is a poem, story or anything else I am thinking about how others will perceive it. How does it look ? How does it sound ? Is it " professional ? " Ah, you see that is the thing right there. Professional. What is a professional ? A person that receives monetary compensation for his services. That compensation is the affirmation of the service. That measures success, right ? Talk is cheap. That is why we say, put your money where your mouth is. Money is the affirmation of a quality product. That may be changing a bit though, one can go viral these days. You may enjoy great success without receiving any monetary compensation whatsoever. Unless of course you consider fame as success. Is it ? Are all successful people famous ?  "In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes." That is what Andy Warhol said and I think he may be correct about that. Not everyone will be a success.
 I do think the most creative people of all do create for themselves. They are not concerned with the opinions of others in regard to their craft. I envy those folks. For me, I must share my creations. I believe we are here to share with each other. It is true we may not always like the reception we receive, but I believe we have to go to the party ! Stepping into the spotlight is a risk and one we all should take. If that light just moves on by, without lingering for even a moment, we still were in it. I don't think you can enjoy success without sharing. You can enjoy creating. The question is, does your creation require affirmation to be valid. For me, the answer is yes.