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Sunday, October 23, 2016

simplified Feng Shui

  Feng Shui is the Chinese method of creating harmony with your environment. At least that is what I have read. To be honest about it I don't know a thing about its principles or practice. I have always just tried to keep the wife happy, that creates harmony in my house. I purchased a Himalayan salt lamp that is supposed to put negative ions in the air. These negative ions will increase the flow of air to my brain. That is what Web MD says anyway. It has been on my side table for about six months now. Guess you have to be patient with these things, but I haven't noticed anything different. I do like the way it looks, kinda rustic and nature like. Maybe it is a part of this Feng Shui stuff.
 That came to mind because I am rearranging the furniture to prepare for winter. I have electric baseboard heat and you can't have the furniture blocking it. At least the sofa shouldn't completely block the heater for obvious reasons. Some of this has to do with getting older. I am more concerned about the possibility of fire and all that, you know how us old folks get. We call it wisdom, the kids just think you are worrying about nothing. I want to be harmonious with my environment which means I don't want to burn up ! Maybe those Chinese folks are onto something. I also feel it necessary to hem the curtains. I purchased some new ones when I did the valance boxes and they are a bit long. They reach the floor and that means they can be in front of the heater. That has been fine during the warmer months but, time to adjust them. I put that off when I first installed them. Now it disrupting my tranquility.
 The concept of Feng Shui is a complicated thing. I have heard of people hiring those versed in it to arrange their spaces. I have no desire to study it or even read much about it. Am I being closed minded ? Some would say I am and I can live with that. That is my Feng Shui. As long as I can live with it, it's good. Can it be made better ? I don't know, perhaps it can, but why worry about that ? Not everything requires improvement. I think harmony can be achieved by learning to accept the things you have or been handed. Whether it is physical objects or the circumstances of life, acceptance of the reality is most important. As to decorating a room I think it should reflect who you are. Your likes and interests should be on display. I strive for the " homey " atmosphere more than the magazine versions of home. My home is lived in. Feng Shui, from the little bit I did read, is supposed to make the room happy and comfortable. It is directing energy. Ok, if you say so. I just think I need to make you feel at home. I personally don't feel at home in those homes that look like showrooms. I agree they are very nice to look at but don't do much for warmth. Warmth is what is important. You learn that when you get old ! LOl, but seriously it is true. If I am comfortable and you are comfortable with me it follows that you will be comfortable sharing my space. Feng Shui ? Maybe it is that simple once you understand it. Didn't Confucius say something about this ? He has talked about everything else.
 The bottom line is I am moving the furniture around and hemming the curtains. Yes, I do most of the sewing in the house. My wife does the crocheting. I can sew, on a sewing machine, in a straight line. That is what I call sewing anyway. I can hand stich cushions and furniture as well. The wife wants to rearrange the photographs I have covering the walls in my corner. In the interest of Feng Shui ( harmony ) I will start that process as well. I don't need to hire anyone to create harmony in my house, just do as you are told and all is well. Quite a simple concept really.