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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Truth is a mystery

 I inherited an old clock that once belonged to my great grandfather. This brass and glass clock sat on the shelf at Moms house for years never running , just sitting there. This clock had a partner, not a mate as the other clock looked differently, but also came from great grandfathers house. It has since found a home with my sister. Now there has been some speculation about the origins of these clocks over the years. As is often the case the ones that know the truth are long gone and left no record. So, it will remain forever a mystery or become a tale of yore if I write the story. There are few that could dispute the tale and that is power. I have the power to write the past and make it into the future. But, alas I am obligated by my conscience to tell the truth of it. Funny thing is, the truth is sheer speculation at this point ! So you could say, the truth is a mystery.
 Whatever way you wish to view it this is the story. Great Grandfather Lester worked for a wealthy lady in his older years. He did light yard work for her and other chores. Her name, if I recall correctly, was Mrs. Morris. She lived uptown, as the saying goes, and grew quite fond of Floyd. After she passed, the story goes, her heirs allowed great grandfather to take whatever items he wanted from the house. He selected those two clocks. That is how it has been told by some, others claim those clocks were wedding gifts. The former story makes more sense to me as grandpa was always bringing stuff home. He was a bit of a pack rat and never passed up on anything free. However they came into his possession he kept them for many years. My father inherited them along about 1965 or so. My mother gave the clock to me around the turn of the century ! That sounds like a long time ago now doesn't it ? It is possible that it is the second century my clock has seen. The exact year the clock was made I can not say, but it is close.
 Well, I took that clock to a clockmaker here in Greensboro for oiling and whatever maintenance it needed. It took the man a while but he does have it running again. From him I have learned that the clock was sold by Tiffany and Co. The works however were made in France under contract to Tiffany. My clock man says it is a very nice example and quite expensive in its' day. The value of it today isn't all that much but I wouldn't consider selling it at any rate. Well, if I was offered a million or so I might be persuaded. I have had it running the past few days and enjoy hearing it chime. I did have some difficulty getting it to run initially. I went back to my clock guy and he explained about putting the clock " on the beat. " Turns out that is a clockmakers term for setting the pendulum in motion. He attached an amplifier to the clock and swung the pendulum. Then he said, listen to the beat, really listen. Can you hear the tick/tock ? At first I couldn't distinguish exactly what he meant. Then he tilted the clock just a bit and I could hear a difference. After just a bit I understood what he was saying. You can hear a definite tick followed by a tock ! When I got home I repeated the procedure and my clock has been running fine ever since. One thing I did notice was how noisy my house is. I had to turn off the television, which is constantly on, or the radio, and close the windows. Then it was quiet enough to hear that tick and tock. It occurred to me that many young folks have probably never heard the tick/tock of a clock in the stillness of an evening. I found that sound somehow nostalgic. Strange since we didn't have a pendulum clock in my house growing up. I did have a wind up Big Ben though and I guess it tick- tocked.  Anyway, I find it a comforting sound.
 Great Grandfathers clock is sitting there marking the time once again. How many years it sat silent I couldn't say. My clock man says it showed significant wear so it must have been used for a long time. He also said a clock should be oiled at least once a year by a qualified clockmaker. Apparently those folks made house calls in the old days to do just that. I wonder what year that occupation faded away. At least the part about making house calls ? Maybe they still do ? I guess if there is money to made someone will do it. Perhaps that clock was just resting, waiting for the right time and place. I'd say it has found it and I plan to keep her going. A quality timepiece never goes out of style.
My clock with a turkey on top just for fun.