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Thursday, October 20, 2016

contributing to the story

 It is something I have mentioned before and it is on my mind again this morning, this informality in which we have begun to conduct our lives. What I am talking about is society in general. I have written about a  concept called " polite company. " You remember that don't you ? That was when you didn't say certain things or make certain gestures under various conditions, when you were in polite company. And what was polite company ? It was when you were with those that you did not share an intimate relationship. A intimate relationship didn't mean you were having sex with that person either ! It just meant that you were familiar with that persons likes and dislikes. You did not broach controversial subjects in polite company. It was also rude to point out flaws in other folks in a public fashion. And this was learned without having attended " sensitivity " training.
 What is this polite company ? It is nothing more than structure and standards. I'm a big believer in both. If we blur the lines of structure, and standards become situational, how can we expect a society to flourish ? A society is based upon mutual beliefs and shared traditions. If everyone is just doing their own thing cohesion is non-existent. Seems fairly obvious to me. That is the purpose of structure to provide the boundaries.  Just as a house ( structure ) defines the boundaries of your personal space so too a society requires boundaries. The standards are the acceptable behaviors within those boundaries. An Army is ineffective without a general ! Oh, lots of damage can be created but what goals can be achieved ? You do have to agree upon that goal. A standard must be established.
 Maybe it is this chaotic election that has got me thinking about this. They are certainly not acting very politely. I didn't watch the debate but understand they didn't even shake hands before or after. In my world a real faux paus. That was always the moment I got to look you right in the eyes ! Much can be determined by that action I believe. Beyond that, it is just rude. Maybe it is other, less obvious things , that I notice. The President is seen with his shirt sleeves rolled up more often than not. I understand it is a symbolic gesture. Rolling up your sleeves to get the job done but the work I require of my President is not manual labor ! I want him to look like a professional. One should wear the " uniform " of your profession. Remember when that was a thing ? I certainly do and I admired it. It was easy to tell who was whom. Now, not so much. It appears to me that " casual Friday " has become everyday. Was a day when your employer could demand a certain standard in dress and appearance. Those days are gone and you see the result.
 I can't help it. I just feel that life should be conducted as a formal affair. One should dress for the occasion and conduct yourself accordingly. The folks that do are often the ones we most admire. At least it used to be that way. We would say they had their act together. They were " professional. " I'm not saying it should be taken to the extreme. I'm not advocating for a " social state " where everyone is required to dress alike. What I am saying is " freedom " does not mean you should do whatever you feel without regard to others. We live in a free society. The key part being the word " society. " We all have obligations to the society, to the whole. Those obligations should be taken seriously and our duty dispatched accordingly. Yes, we each have a role, just as Shakespeare pointed out. Our entrance and exit from the stage should be a formal affair. Our conduct between those events determines our contribution to the society, whether positive or negative. When I exit the stage I would hope that is met with regret from the audience, not applause. Life isn't about garnering applause, but about contributing to the story.