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Thursday, October 27, 2016


 I got involved in a discussion about voter ID's. To be more specific the proposal that every voter have a photo ID. I am amazed at the opposition. I consider myself a fairly open minded individual and normally oppose new government regulations, believing smaller government is best. I have struggled to understand the reasoning behind not requiring such. I have heard that it is an impediment to freedom. That this requirement is nothing but the targeting of the poor, to prevent them from voting. Never mind that ID is presently required to apply for benefits or entitlements. I've heard it is an attempt at voter suppression by the Republican party. An argument I can't seem to grasp. Is anyone proposing that only Democrats would have to have ID ? Or are they saying that only those that are poor would be voting for the democratic party and therefore not have the means to obtain ID ? What are they saying about their constituents ?  I hear the argument that the verifiable incidence of voter fraud is almost infinitesimal. Okay, if that is true, that is wonderful. How is it justification for not requiring better evidence ? The incidence of bank robbery is quite small compared to the number of banks but we don't leave the door unlocked. I just can't wrap my mind around that logic.
 What I find most troubling is the mindset that fabricates this line of thought. How can a logical person feel that the requirement of a photo ID is an impingement upon freedom ? Just where in the Constitution or the Bill or Rights does it say, you must take me at my word. In a court of law I have to swear or affirm to tell the truth. I also have to provide identification. I have read both of those documents and I can't find anything pertaining to that. How many instances of having to have a photo ID are there right now ? I can make a list quite easily, as I'm certain you can. If we are going to say the government can't require photo ID to vote, just how do we justify the government ever requiring such ? What is more important to verify, your vote or buying a pack of cigarettes ?  The later requires a photo ID. And as to cost, I'm quite certain the political parties will gladly assist you in obtaining that photo ID. I'm betting they will pick you up at your door to do so ! Would it only be the Republicans doing that ? I don't think so.
 Now I admit to having some rather harsher views of things. I think there is far too much " early voting " and absentee ballots. Yes I realize the need exists for both. Strange thing about all that is every pollster will tell you those votes will not make any difference. No election has ever been changed as a result of early voting or absentee ballots ! I think you should just cast your vote on election day. I also know that it wouldn't be fair to those that couldn't make it for any number of reasons, so it is a necessary evil. I received my absentee ballot each time while I was in the service regardless of where I was in the world. I dutifully filled it out and mailed it back. Whether it was ever counted I just don't know. No photo ID was required and anyone could have filled it out. No one was concerned about that because, the votes really don't count anyway. A sad reality but a reality nonetheless.
 Well I have gone on and on about this for no apparent reason. It is just something I can't understand I guess. I don't feel strongly enough about the issue to start any crusade one way or the other. Just seems like a common sense thing to me. Of course, to be cynical about the whole thing, common sense is being left behind in favor of political correctness. Mustn't offend and present any semblance of bias. But I am biased. You must be a legal citizen of the United States of America, at least 18 years old to cast a ballot. Proof is required to be presented at the polling place. The addition of a photo ID is not an imposition or restriction on freedom but rather the securing of such. Our vote should be safeguarded using the best available method. I wouldn't object to a retina scan ! It ain't like the government doesn't already have a file on you. This attitude of just because only a little fraud is committed it doesn't matter, is the same attitude of being a little pregnant. If the object is to prevent either one all available methods should be employed. That's my take on it !