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Just Me
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


 I saw a video of some folks stomping on the flag. When I see that it doesn't make me angry, it makes me sad. As I wrote in the comments section it is my belief that is the most selfish act I can imagine. It shows a complete lack of regard for anyone else. To trample upon tradition, and that is what you are doing, is very disrespectful. Yes, the courts have upheld your right to do so, we live in a Republic where that right is guaranteed. Yes, there are codes associated with the care of our flag. Those codes are not enforceable by law. Those that would use that as a symbol of protest obviously do not understand its' meaning at all. They are only using it to incite. Those that would attack these doing so also do not fully understand the significance of the flag.
 Francis Scott Key penned the words to the star spangled banner in an attempt to describe the feelings associated with the preservation of freedom. That is what he saw through the dawns early light. Our flag was still there. What did that mean ? That we had stood the test and did not capitulate to the British bombardment. Freedom had not yielded to tyranny. This was in 1814 and it was the preservation of the Republic that he wrote about. That flag symbolized that ! That is what the flag flies in honor of, to this very day. To take the flag and cast it down is to admit defeat. That is why the tradition of that flag never touching the ground. I will never allow that to happen as a deliberate act on my part. I will never surrender the republic. If you wish to do so, you may. You may also leave the security this nation offers and seek one of your own. I will not attack you for disrespecting my flag, but I will defend the nation ! The flag is just a symbol after all.
 Tradition is integral to a society, to a nation. Isn't that why the interest in our heritage ? We all wish to carry the traditions of our ancestors forward. Especially so in todays America. Why else would we insist upon this hyphenation of American ? We speak with great pride of our ancestry. We claim that ancestry when only DNA samples can show it. Several generations have inhabited America and yet we claim ancestry from countries all over the globe. Why should that be so ? The answer is a simple one, the preservation of traditions. It is unfortunate that we only wish to preserve those traditions that serve us in this new land. We use our ancestry to gain favor or an advantage. Oh, we claim being Americans quickly enough when that suits. Indeed many will wave the flag then !
 What I, and many others I know embrace is, the American tradition. Yes those roots lie in Europe principally. I'm not talking about roots  right now, I'm talking about the growth that is America. And was that not the idea in the first place ? To create, to grow a land where all men could live free. We took the roots of our raising, the lessons learned, and planted the seed of freedom. We fought for and nurtured that dream. We gained our ground, our garden. Key was a lawyer and a poet. Born in 1779, just three years after the republic was declared free, that struggle would have been recent to him. I'm certain he spoke with many that had fought for that freedom. When that freedom was again challenged in the war of 1812 Key joined the militia even though he was opposed to war on religious grounds. After the British burned the White house and took Dr. Beane captive, Key and another man where dispatched to negotiate with the British for his release. They did so and that is why he was on that ship. Part of the deal was he could not return until after the bombardment of Ft. McHenry. When Key saw the flag flying the next morning he knew our land, our garden, had been secured once again. That is what that flag symbolized, Freedom ! That is the American tradition. Laws are enacted by men, but traditions grow from the heart of those men. Traditions are enduring things and provide the strength and resolve to continue. Those that would trample upon tradition do not understand that. They are doomed to failure. I don't need to enact any law to protect tradition. ( the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way: ) that is what the dictionary says about tradition. Those that disregard tradition risk losing what has been gained. They are doomed to repeat the past. We should pity them.