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Saturday, October 8, 2016

empowered by the mob

 A new group is in town with the expressed purpose of empowering women. Empowering, a word I hear tossed around a great deal in the last year or so. The dictionary says it means to give someone the power or authority to do something. I don't get it though. I was taught that I am in charge of what I do and that authority comes from God. Grandma didn't tell me she would empower me, what she said was, God helps those who help themselves. Ah, there you have it, the old axiom that seems to have been forgotten. Now, dependence upon someone giving you power or authority to act is necessary. Most of the time it more like a mob attitude. Move your agenda forward by force or intimidation.
 I guess it is my age. As I read the words I write I can hear an older person speaking. All this talk of empowering. I don't need your permission to do anything. You really have no authority over me at all. I, and I alone am responsible for the choices I make. But that is another point of contention these days isn't it ? Who is to blame ? We have an entire industry focused on just that. Personal injury lawyers they call themselves. No cost unless we win the case. It really matters little if the " accident " was caused by your own stupidity. Common sense doesn't count, it must be written down. You must be warned ! Any failure on their part to communicate any and all potential dangers is cause for suit.
 But let me return to this concept of empowering. Empowering is giving you the authority to do something. So by that definition every license or permit I purchase empowers me. The government surely requires a great deal of personal empowerment of us citizens. Why is that ? Is it for the generation of revenue or establishing order ? I would say both. Money is power. Are the richest among us the most empowered ? You could argue that indeed they are. They do have the authority don't they ? Is this concept of empowering really saying there is safety in numbers ? That's another old axiom I was taught. It was also implied that only the weak would seek such. You were expected to stand alone if need be and state your truths. Being part of a mob wasn't a good thing. You really are supposed to think for yourself.
 I don't know. I hear this word bantered about and find it unsettling. It just sounds like so much hype. I'm empowered, I feel so empowered. What are you trying to say ? You have received permission to agree with others ? Is that why you join in the group. My question is, why do I need your permission ? Is it because I am too insecure to stand on my own and state my case ? I need to join the mob for safety ? Was a time when you were recruited to a cause. Now they are telling you they are " empowering " you. Do you see the subtle difference in that ? I certainly do. That is what I find unsettling.
 Now that old axiom God helps those that help themselves is not in the Bible. Surprised ? I sure was as I thought that is where Grandma got it. Turns out it is from ancient Greece. What is it really saying ? It is saying that you must help yourself before you can expect any help from someone else. Aesop's fables addresses this idea twice. I don't think they teach those anymore though. I did some reading and found that this phrase is included in the Quran. Maybe that has something to do with their ideology of aggression. Helping themselves ? In the Judeo/Christian tradition it is thought more to mean taking positive action. Don't just pray for help, plant the crop ! Any idea can be used for good or bad. It really is a matter of perspective.
 Well I have wandered around in my thoughts once again. I find that useful in connecting all the pieces. I hope it doesn't confuse or obscure my thoughts too much. I started with this idea of empowering. My power comes from my God and my faith. I must live within the constraints of the law for the good of society. I do not seek your permission. I do not need anyone to tell me it is alright or what is right. I can figure that out for myself. I can help myself !