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Friday, October 21, 2016

it's a choice

 Do we have a purpose beyond the grave ? That is a question I often ask myself. I begin by asking what is my purpose now ? Why am I here ? Truth is I don't have an answer for that. I exist and that is all I know. I am aware that I can influence events but I don't control them. I have read that someone wrote, " if you want to see God smile, tell him your plans. " I agree with that assessment wholeheartedly. I also believe there is much that man can not understand, it is beyond our capacity. What is more important, the question or the answer ? I would say the question because it is the search for knowledge and understanding. That is something we should never stop doing, whereas the answer is perceived as final. As to the question of purpose does there have to be an answer ? Why should we think we are that important ? Can we not just exist ?
 I do believe that we are energy. I believe God is energy. The entire universe is energy. The big bang or whatever you believe created this universe is energy. I believe in the truth of energy. It can not be created or destroyed only transformed from one state to another. That is why God always has been and always will be. Quite a simple thing if you give it thought. Can we understand that ? I don't think we really can comprehend how that is possible, but the proof exist. Energy is everywhere. Man has learned to manipulate energy to satisfy his needs. Man has not learned how to create it ! If we learned that it would change everything we know in a fundamental way. That would mean we understand God !
 So, do I have a purpose beyond the grave ? The answer for me is yes. My energy will continue in some form or another. Just what that energy will be applied to I can not know, nor do I need that knowledge to exist. Call it eternal life if you so choose, the term applied is of little consequence. The point being I will continue. As to whether I can be conscious of that is still unanswered in my mind. I wouldn't rule that possibility out. My hope is that I make progress in this life on whatever journey I am traveling. But that is a human thought, controlled by human desires. It really has little to do with the big scheme of things. God is indeed smiling.
 The reality is a simple one. I can only influence events in this life. I can influence my own and those around me. There are choices and consequences. We can only control the choices, not the consequences ! When things do not go the way we expect we tend to place the blame elsewhere. The fact is, we made the wrong choice. I hate it when that happens. Yes it happens, even with the most considered, informed choice available to us, it happens. Is the universe to blame ? If that were so the universe would then have to have an agenda. If that is so why is man not being informed of that agenda ? Certainly one can not expect a goal to be reached without explaining what that goal is.
 The universe is energy. Give it any other title you wish, that really isn't so important. Call that energy God. The question would be, what does God expect of us ? Is it obedience to his laws ? And if it is, to what purpose ? To grant us eternal life ? Yes I believe it is and here is why. God, the universe, or whatever you wish to label that entity is the only thing capable of creating energy. It logically follows that it is also the only entity than can destroy energy. When we understand that process we will understand God. Why doesn't God just grant us that eternal life, why the requirement to fulfill his law, his will, if you choose to view it in that context ? That is the real mystery to be solved isn't it ?
 Is it possible that our eternal existence is the substance of that energy ? That is to say, the destruction of that energy will end the universe ? Will it all end with a big bang or disappear into a black hole ? The two are opposites. Positive and negative. In and out. We have all heard much talk about the Higgs Boson particle, the God particle they say. The truth is it has not been proven to exist beyond a doubt. This particle is supposed to impart mass to everything in the universe. That is the simplest explanation anyway. It is not exactly gravity but that is where it gets confusing. No matter to us lay people that really don't understand the Standard Model of the universe in use today. I certainly don't. An important discovery ? Well all knowledge is important and has intrinsic value. This Higgs Boson particle creates mass and we have all been taught that it is mass that makes up everything. Mass is measured by weight and is variable depending upon the conditions. Confusing ? Well we are trying to understand God. How can an object in space be weightless and still contain mass ? Science will tell you they believe it is because of that Higgs Boson particle. So, what created the Higgs Boson particle ?
 I have gone on at length about a simple question. Do we have a purpose beyond the grave. I say, yes. Will I have eternal life ? I don't know for sure, but hope so. Is it a question of reward ? Do I have to earn that ? I think all I can do is make choices. I have been given that much at the very least. Everything that happens to me is the result of a choice I make. I don't get to decide the consequences. Will I be destroyed ? Only God can decide that. Can I influence that decision ? I need to believe that I can. It's a choice, isn't it ?