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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

attitude matters

 Well my blogging has become somewhat sporadic lately. All this traveling. You could say retiring has created new avenues for me, no pun intended. It has given me the opportunity to travel around without worrying about a schedule. I like that. As we were driving to upstate New York we passed through Pennsylvania and a tunnel in the mountains. The Lehigh tunnel to be exact about it. It wasn't my first time going through this tunnel and I am always amazed at what a difference in terrain occurs. This time we even noticed a change in temperature. Entering the mountains is a different experience for those us from the flatlands. On my drive from Greensboro to Oneonta we rise 1096 feet. I do notice the difference. The foliage was changing as we headed north. We hit it at its' peak somewhere in central Pa. and by the time we reached Oneonta you could see that the colors were beginning to dull just a bit. As I watched the scenery go by I couldn't help but imagine what it must have been like for those first explorers. Riding through the mountains and the thick forest must surely have been an amazing experience. Not knowing where you were going, or when you might emerge , if ever, from those mountains had to be both scary and thrilling. I thought about those that followed, looking for landmarks to guide them. Now we ride the interstate and the golden arches and subway signs provide reassurance and comfort along the trail. Our gps telling us how to reach our destination and the time we should reach it. The only gps those first explorers had was the stars. Amazing to me that they traveled so far and always seemed to return.
 I was almost completely separated from social media. I had a laptop and a tablet with me. I couldn't remember my password for Facebook ! The tablet connected automatically to Facebook on my account but I am not too familiar with it. I tried to enter a few things and became frustrated with that. So I just left that stuff lie. It is surprising if you don't read all these postings for a few days how different they appear. It is something I can't really describe. A great deal of those posts seem rather silly and foolish. I expect mine appear the same way as everyone else's. That gives me pause to think about that and reconsider what I do post. It is easy to just get caught up in all of it. This is especially true of the political postings. Some are quite vicious ! I have determined to limit my responses to that. Not an easy thing for someone as opinionated as myself. Yeah, I am aware of that facet of my personality. I don't necessarily think it is a bad thing, but should be exercised with judgement. Something I am guilty of failing to do on occasion.
 Well the winter approaches and I don't think I'll be traveling much during that time. I am planning a trip to Florida in the spring. I know you should go to Florida in the winter but I have the holidays to get through and then save up for the trip. But I have discovered that being retired is conducive to spontaneity. I like that ! I am guarding against being one of those old folks that worry about each little appointment or trip. You know what I mean ? My Mom will say things like, I can't go I have a Drs. apt two weeks from now and I'm afraid I will miss it. Or, I have to go to the store tomorrow. I want to say, ROADTRIP gandpa is in. Worked all these years and missed out on a lot because of being " responsible. " Don't want to be that responsible anymore. Been there and done that. Hey Doc, I might be there or I might not. I'll let you know. And now I'm thinking I might write a blog and I might not. Probably will when I'm home though. We'll see. I'm adopting this new " devil may care " attitude in life. I recommend it to anyone that is retired.