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Just Me
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Saturday, October 15, 2016


 Those that feel the necessity of offering proof are the ones I trust the least. I find a certain insincerity in that and can't shake it. I don't want to go into specifics and cause any undue tension but am compelled to write about this for a reason I can't explain. I suppose it is the same reason we leave those comments on Facebook postings. They serve no real purpose at all and cause unrest more than offer comfort. This may seem inconsistent with a person that posts his commentary on just about everything , almost daily, in a blog. I am defending my position most of the time, although I make an effort to not make it appear so. I do write what my feelings are. They are subject to change. I'm no different than most, I will offer " proof " if the necessity arises. But it is just the unsolicited offering of " proof " that triggers my response. I mean like when someone says, I have black friends so therefore I am not prejudiced. That is the type of " proof " that I'm talking about. I just wonder who they are trying to convince ? Some do that with everything and never just take a stand. A sentiment that was best said in a song, " you've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything " and I couldn't agree more. Standing for what you believe is not a matter of right and wrong, but a matter of personal integrity. Too many don't seem to understand the difference between the two.
 Perhaps it is the need to defend their integrity that bothers me. If you have to do that, would that not be calling it into question ? It certainly seems that way to me. For what is integrity ? Is it not a integral part of you ? If that is so calling any part into question would require a change in belief. Belief is what controls integrity. Facts may change your belief, that is true, but facts are not integral to belief. If that were so, religion could not exist. Is God or any deity a fact ? Only if one believes it to be so. Those that question the existence of a God don't believe, it is that simple. That belief is either an integral part of you or not. Do not confuse that with doubt, even facts can be disputed. New information may come to light to disprove what was believed to be a fact. But, as I said, belief requires no proof. I feel no need to defend my belief. I feel no need to offer " proof " of it either.
 I'm not sure what triggered this line of thought, that happens to me a lot. I just sit in front of this keyboard and begin. I don't think I write about anything earth shattering or particularly insightful but do hope it is entertaining. Entertainment comes in many forms although we tend to think of it solely as fun. Really, to be entertained is to be interested. I also hope to write some words of substance. That is the hope of any author. I find to hard to think of myself as an author. Their words are published by someone other than themselves. I hope you find something in this that causes you to think a bit. My intent is to shine a light into a corner that perhaps you haven't explored before.