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Just Me
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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


 The other day I was taken a bit off guard. A friend who I had gone to school with called me a troll ! I had to look up the definition of a " internet troll " as I wasn't quite certain of the implication. It was then I discovered that term is applied to someone that intends to spread discord or start arguments. I had left a comment on a posting she was associated with but the intent wasn't to start an argument. In fact, it was in the form of a question. It was intended to stimulate thought. Apparently it touched a nerve. Her reply was filled with venom. I answered without any malice toward her and assured her I would still read her postings.
 As I thought about that I did feel a little remorse for my statement. I didn't intend to offend, something that seems to happen to people a great deal these days, but to point out something. What it concerns is of little importance to this discussion. My other thought was, shouldn't one expect a response to something you post ? I mean, isn't that the reason for posting in the first place ? I do think it unreasonable to expect that all responses to your postings be positive ones. Whereas I am not always pleased with the responses I receive, I am pleased that people are at least reading what I post. I do make an effort to temper my thoughts and statements. If we can not freely exchange ideas how can we expect to make progress ?
 Now this little incident took place a few days ago. I still think about it and wonder why I do so. I didn't enjoy being called a troll that much is certain. As I told her I think that was rather harsh. I hope she finds some measure of peace in her life as it is obvious to me she is disturbed about something. I have never heard a cross or undiplomatic response from her in the past. Not that we communicate often, but the limited communication we have had was cordial. It has caused me to reevaluate just what I am doing here. I enjoy the interaction on Facebook but don't wish to create any controversy. It is my understanding that these " trolls " search for postings to comment on with the intent to start trouble. So for her to label me a troll I feel is quite unfair. Guess you could say I was offended ! See, it is even happening to me now.
 The truth is I am not offended at all. I am surprised and somewhat amused. I'm sorry she feels that way about my comment, but as I told her, I certainly won't retract it. The comment was not directed at her but rather at an abstract idea. It was meant to foster a discussion. I also feel a touch of sadness.  I am a bit puzzled as to why this should bother me. I know this lady from years ago and know a little of her life in later years. She has suffered much sorrow, that I know. Perhaps that sorrow has darkened her soul that she should attack me so. Perhaps it is a frustration with life. I was affected by her response. That, I believe is a good thing. When we begin to dismiss the opinions of others we begin to isolate ourselves. It is important to remain engaged. I needed to be reminded of that I guess. I suppose I should thank her for that. Yeah I'll go with that, taking the high road. Introspection is good for the soul.