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Thursday, October 6, 2016

new thoughts on old ideas

 New thoughts on old ideas. That's what happens with every generation. The thing is a generation is generally considered to be twenty years. So, that means I should be in my third generation of thinking. I would say I have been through a couple anyway, sometimes we call that maturing or just plain getting old. Either way you look at it I have changed my opinion on things several times. I do think that my core values have changed little. If anything I hope I follow those core values a little more closely than I have in the past. You do have to spread some seed before you can grow. It shouldn't take long to realize that not all the " crops " are good ones. You really do reap what you sow ! A very old idea that has proven itself to be truth with every generation.
 I often say there is little one can write or say that hasn't been said before. The challenge for each generation is finding a way to express those thoughts. How to express those old ideas in a new way. I don't believe there is much " new " thought either. These little revelations come to us over time and we adopt the truth of them, but they have always existed. The world was formed with axioms. Those truths haven't changed over the millennia. You know a revelation isn't something new, just something we see for the first time. Something revealed. The new part comes with understanding. The challenge does lie in expressing your own understanding of things in a way that others recognize.
 There are several stages we all go through. We begin with experimentation. We see what the other kids are doing and want to try it. This period may last a few years, and for some much longer. Then we go through that period of knowing it all. That time is usually accompanied by a sense of rebellion. We will change the world ! We protest and fight against the " establishment. " The old ways are wrong, reform is required. Change is the only way ! Especially change that benefits yourself in some fashion. Whether that benefit is to justify past actions or just increase personal wealth is not the issue. The important part being to effect a change. Well because we all know that change is a good thing.
 After a bit I do think that most of us will arrive at the conclusion that not all change is good and there are things we shouldn't attempt to change. We begin to understand those axioms that formed the world. We can't explain them or recreate them but acknowledge their validity. You do reap what you sow and what goes around,comes around. The love of money is indeed the root of all evil. That truth, often misquoted, is one of the harder ones for folks to accept. Greed, followed closely by envy does more damage in this world than anything else. That is my opinion anyway.
 It seems to me that the more people have in the way of wealth the more liberal they become in their thinking. I also think that is to justify their actions in obtaining that wealth. Some choose to assuage that by becoming philanthropists. Those that are the most comfortable always want to change things for the better. At least that is what they say. My question is, better for whom ? Myself I advocate for standards and structure. There is right and wrong. I believe that. You need to have standards and structure in your life and in a society. That is the very definition of a society ! The experts say there are six basic types of societies created by man. Not having studied sociology or anthropology I'll take their word for it. My point being all societies have structure and standards. We do have new thoughts on old ideas. Thing is, the old ideas haven't changed a bit and so will continue. The old ideas aren't really ideas at all, but axioms. Our challenge is to understand and accept them. The " golden rule " is the first axiom in life. And I would submit really has little to do with religion, it is concerned with life.