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Friday, April 21, 2017

what did you expect ?

 Expectation is the fuel of action. Fulfilled expectations gives us satisfaction. It makes little difference if the result is judged good or bad by others. That understanding seems to be lost on many. Yes, I was told to expect nothing and you won't be disappointed, and I understand that thinking perfectly well. What it is saying is expect nothing from " others " and you won't be disappointed. Of course we can disappoint ourselves, I know I have done that on more than one occasion. That disappointment stems from incorrect actions. It usually results from reacting to emotion rather than logic. Emotions are bad decision makers although very strong motivators. I believe a lack of expectation will leave you unhappy. The fulfillment we seek is within ourselves and doesn't reside elsewhere. Ah yes, we say by doing for others we can be fulfilled. That is true only if that is your true expectation. I submit that isn't true in many people, myself included. When I do good deeds for others I do expect a return. That return doesn't have to come from the person that was the recipient of my good deed, but a return is expected. It is the old question revisited, why do bad things happen to good people ? I have no answer for that and won't attempt one either.
 I was thinking it is far better to know what is expected of you than not. But how to identify those expectations ? In the old days we all knew what was expected of men and women. Our roles were clearly defined by society. Were those expectations fair and just ?  Really it is, do you accept your lot in life ? I didn't get a choice of gender, so I believe I need to learn to live with what I got. Contrary to some peoples belief today, I don't get to decide that, ever ! It really doesn't matter what I feel like, it is what I am. I just need to adjust my expectations a bit. I wanted to play professional baseball when I was twelve, I've had to adjust that expectation since. Is it fair ? Doesn't matter does it ? But it is this trend of vague expectations that lend itself to the confusion we see in society today. Just what is expected of men and women ? Or the broader question is, what is expected of humanity ? The Bible tells us to love one another as we love ourselves. So then what is the expectation ? It is to be treated fairly by your set of standards. And that is the key isn't it ? Your set of standards, your expectations ? If a society doesn't establish a set of standards we each have our own and chaos and confusion results. Yet when those standards are clearly defined there is dissention. If your expectations aren't met, you are unhappy ! See how that works ?
 Now all of that seems rather confusing doesn't it ? I'm not quite certain I understand just what I am trying to say here. I just know that there is a lot of confusion in the world today. I believe it was far easier when everyone knew what was expected of them. Failure to live up to those expectations was a cause for concern but at least you knew what direction you should be going. Now it seems like the destination isn't as clear. If you don't know where you're going, how will you know when you get there ? How can you possibly be happy ? The secret is to know what your own expectations are and find peace with that. What do you expect from life ? I'm not asking what you want, that is altogether different, I'm asking what do you expect ? Do you expect fairness ? Well you're not going to get that all the time. How much are you willing to adjust that expectation ?  We must adjust our expectations to meet reality. You can't base standards on aberrations. That is what is being attempted today. It isn't going to work. As for me I expect I'll be disappointed in what others choose to do. That is unless they all decide to do what I want that is. I think that is a pretty universal sentiment. I don't expect others to change to suit me, it would be wise of them, but I don't expect it. Seriously though,our happiness is intertwined with our our expectations. It is why we say, what did you expect ?