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Sunday, April 16, 2017


 Easter a day of rebirth and new beginnings. That belief is based in the Christian tradition as everyone knows. It is the fulfillment of a promise. That is what I was taught. Yes, when I was little it was Easter bunnies and candy.  When I got up on Easter morning those baskets would be there. I got to admire all the goodies and sample just a little. First you had to get ready for church though. That was the routine while I was growing up. The church would be filled with Easter Lilies and everyone dressed in their best. The ladies wore a bonnet and white gloves. The guys would be in a suit and tie. It was all gaiety and laughter, we were celebrating the rising of the Christ, we had been saved ! That was the message.
 I remember at some point in time the sunrise services began. They were held on the beach. The old folks, my parents and grandparents, didn't think too much of that. It was all a little hippy dippy to them. I can recall going and listening to the preacher as the surf rolled in behind him. It was crisp and cool but very stirring as well. We didn't wear our finest clothes that morning, after all, you're at the beach with all that sand. Still, I felt as though I was properly dressed for the occasion. The reverend wore his vestments, no change as far as I could tell. Honestly I don't recall how the ceremony went and if there was a collection taken. I only attended those services two or three times. Personally I saw nothing " sacrilegious " about them. I expect folks that live by the sea have done so long before we started doing that.
 I was thinking and remembering the other day about all our traditions. Each generation does modify the tradition just a bit. Most times we call it progress. The truth is most of the time it is for convenience. Those old traditions can get to be a burden can't they ? I mean getting up at the crack of dawn to go to services and all. Even wearing our " outfits " that may be less than the most comfortable and relaxed fitting can become too much effort. We excuse that by saying, God doesn't care what we wear. I'm certain of that truth but it isn't an excuse to be less respectful. Dressing up in our finest is a show of respect. Ah well, life has become a lot less formal in modern times. I don't like it much and have said so on many occasions. I think life is a formal affair and one should dress for it. I can't help but think maybe that is why we are moving toward the secular. Those reminders on the calendar are slowly being removed. Holidays, especially religious ones,  are not given the attention they were in the past. How can we expect future generations to understand the significance if we don't acknowledge that significance ourselves ? Just remembering the way it used to be isn't going to get it done. But, I should be scolding myself on that account, I write and talk a lot but my actions belie those words. I'm as guilty as anyone else.
 The predominant thinking today is get the folks in church. That is the primary objective. Fact is, it always has been. Then the church began instituting rituals. Rituals are requirements. It was expected of the parishioners. Tithes are among these rituals and requirements. Tithes are a necessary thing, the Priests, Ministers, and Pastors have to eat and have a place to live. The church building and grounds have to be maintained. Over the years requirements both written and implied have been relaxed. The services themselves have been modified and relaxed. Come as you are. The traditional hymns are being replaced with modern " praise " songs. Rock and roll song is what they are with a Christian message. I don't feel there is anything wrong with that, but it does send a mixed message in my opinion. Worship to me is a solemn occasion. We are talking about life and death after all. Pretty serious business in my book. There is a time and place for everything. I just don't think Gods' house is the place to have a party. Of course, I'm old school in that regard. I did write about that feeling in a blog post called Celebrant or Supplicant. They really are opposite ways to worship. I go as a supplicant, asking for forgiveness. The hope is I will celebrate in the afterlife.
 Today we should be grateful that the promise was kept. It should reassure us all that life will continue. Only Jesus could return to give us the message, the proof, if you want to look at it that way. The message is we can all have eternal life. All we have to do is believe. It is only man that complicates things. Just believe, it really is as simple as that. Happy Easter, he is risen, he is risen indeed.