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Just Me
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Sunday, April 2, 2017

on the back roads

 I have a tendency to do things in " fits and starts. " I know that is an old expression but then I'm feeling old these days. There are times when just using the old phrases, the expressions of our youth, serve as a vehicle. They take us back in time. My latest " fit " involves writing down some of those old sayings. I started doing that some time back, but have ignored that for a while. Like I say, " fits and starts. " I do get excited about doing something and will start right on it. That excitement may or may not last to the completion. I'm easily dissuaded or distracted. It is a sort of contradiction as I am always telling others to focus. That is the advice I give to the grandchildren. I'm laughing when I say , you must focus Markie San ( Japanese you know ) I'll say to the wife when we are shopping, you're losing focus, when she picks up those impulse buys. All the while I have a hard time staying focused myself. Well, they say those that can't play, coach ! Maybe that is what I should focus on, teaching.
 It is just there so many things that interest me. I'm a naturally curious type. I also think I am a bit of a realist. I know I can't sing and dance but that doesn't stop me from playing my guitar. I stink at it though. I can't draw or paint, but I try that anyway. I want to build things, repair things and create new things. I like to read new books, study new topics. But that is the problem, I'm always getting distracted by something. Lately I've been getting distracted by my love of taking a nap ! Hey, it's relaxing. I'm retired and so I should be able to do what I want right ? Sure I should except for all the other obligations I have. We do have obligations to others by virtue of loving them. Soccer has started and I need to go to the games. My grandson needs the support ! All kids need that support and encouragement. So, it becomes a distraction.
 Now I started this blog about six years ago and have been fairly consistent with it. I do believe it is the longest I have stuck to one thing. Well, except for trying to play the guitar that is. I did tote that around with me for years and played often. It still sits in my bedroom but goes unused for the most part these days. Like I said I am a bit of a realist and I'll never learn to play that thing, you can't learn musical talent, either you have it or you don't. I don't. I've pretty much figured out what I feel I can do reasonably well and what I have no talent for. There are times when I want to give it another try and that is where those " fits and starts " come into the picture. Maybe it is time for me to take my own advice and just focus. Problem is, deciding. Even this blog is named Random Thoughts because I can't stay focused on just one subject. Then there are the issue of memories getting in the way. I run into them and go off in a different direction. Fits and starts ! I like to think of it in this way. Some folks are driven by their passions. Me, I would rather do the driving. One day I'll find a place to park, but for now I'll do a little exploring. The things that interest me the most can't be found on the highway, I need to take those back roads. My journey began on a dirt road I expect it'll end there too.