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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

free to dream

 It doesn't take much to get me started. Yesterday a friend posted a short video about the free tuition thing in New York State. Hooray, more free stuff for the deserving. In this case those families making less than 100,000 a year.  you know, the poor folks. Yes, the rich, those making more than 100,000 a year and the poor that don't have any children to send to college will foot the bill. What a win for the middle class. How very progressive. Now those poor middle class children that have been clamoring to attend college, struggling and yearning for education, can finally achieve their dreams. They won't have to work for it any more. no, it's a right ! Of course they do have to stay in New York state for two to four years after they graduate. But, what the hell, sacrifice two to four years of your liberty for a free ride ain't such a bad deal. Hey, you can always collect unemployment because your liberal arts degree won't get you a job. Or maybe you can work at McDonalds, should be getting 15 an hour by then, and become the manager ! Yeah, you could have done that with a high school diploma but you would have missed out on the party. Maybe the state will hire you to keep track of all those graduates and make sure they don't sneak across the border, to another state ! We do have a problem with that in the United Sates you know. Only in this case it would be documented citizens ! Imagine that. Why he went to New Jersey, I saw him ! No school for you ! Or you have to pay back the tuition that you didn't pay in the first place, or well, what are we going to do ?
 I told you it didn't take much to get me started. I no longer live in the great state of New York but if I did I would be more upset than a Hillary supporter ! I'd probably knit a funny hat and start a few riots ! Maybe organize a march or two, go on CNN and whine. I do think it is totally ridiculous. Wouldn't the state, and those potential students, be better served if tuition costs were just brought down to a manageable level ? What I mean, they still have to pay, no free ride. Students should be held accountable for their actions. You know, that is the way it works in the real world right ?  If you get a job and need an apartment, one isn't just given to you. You do have to earn and pay for goods and services. Just how many kids are going to flock to college for the free ride ? Oh I know they have to pay for books and maybe the dorm, although that stuff will be provided in the not too distant future I'm sure of that, and no one to answer to. Hey, it's free what difference does it make if I pass or not ? Is the college going to care ? I doubt that as long as the checks keep coming in. But, you say, the professors and administration are worried about enriching the lives of their students, it's all about teaching. Yeah, right and Hillary Clinton don't lie either ! It's all about money. That's why we have thousands of kids with college degrees right now that can't find a job. It's because those same educators filled those kids heads with tales of grandeur ! Get this liberal arts degree and you'll make 80 or 100 thousand a year easy. Yes, a business degree is just what you need. A college degree ensures you won't have to get your hands dirty and associate with those peasants doing manual labor.
 What of those that want to go to a trade school ? They want to learn a skilled trade to actually get a job and earn their keep, do they get free tuition ? There was no mention of that. Guess those poor folks can just pay for that themselves. That is, after they fund the education of other peoples kids that is. You do have to have priorities. What if I get a job after high school but can't afford to rent a place to live. Will the state pay my rent for four years ? Hey, I promise to stay in New York for two to four years afterwards. Seems fair to me.
 Yeah, it sounds good on the surface of things doesn't it ? Free tuition for the poor folks. Well because everyone should have a degree. I agree, everyone should have a degree, a degree of common sense that is. When things become free, the value goes down. I ain't never took no economics class like them there college fellas but I reckon I know that much. It'll be a boom for the colleges and universities that much is for sure. I don't think they will raising the bar any, bad for business you know. No, we will just adjust the curriculum to promote standards easily achievable. Well because you know, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Education is subjective right ? It would just be unfair to set standards, we can't have standards ! Standards are prejudicial and oppressive. If you don't believe me just look at what they are teaching in those colleges today. Remember they now have their " safe spaces " where they hand out crayons and coloring books to deal with stress. The " no judgment zones " where no matter how much of an idiot you make out of yourself it's acceptable. I guess you shouldn't have to pay for that after all. Being an idiot is free ! Educated idiots are the best kind. Educated damn fools is what my father would have said. I don't disagree.