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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

talking about it

 I do occasionally involve myself with comments on Facebook with folks I don't know. You know those posting making political statements. Opposing views is on of those sites that draws my attention. They are very good at pushing the buttons. Well that is what they get paid to do. I left a brief comment on that particular site yesterday and was amused by the responses. Those responses came mostly from the far left somewhere and are real eye openers. I can't but wonder what country those folks must have grown up in or what they were taught in school. Their answers are so far out of touch with reality that it does cause pause. I'm really hoping these folks aren't serious but just pulling our collective chain. If they really believe what they are writing we all in very deep trouble.
 The conversation started with Trump refusing to release his tax returns. Now that seems to be a big problem for some of these folks. They are demanding to see his returns because, well, they can't give a real reason other than every other president has. Some felt that as soon as you become president you have no right to privacy in your personal business. Complete and utter disclosure is required. That doesn't apply to those running for president though that's why Hillary and her deleted e-mails aren't important. If she had won then she would have had to show us what those e-mails were all about. When I pointed out that they were deleted that point was considered irrelevant. That was the first point of logic I got lost in. The focus of the conversation quickly changed though. It shifted to Trump wanting to start WW3 to increase his families profits. The fact that that Korean dictator is launching test missiles has nothing to do with it. We should just talk to him about that. That is what I kept reading, we need to talk about it. The only war that should ever happen is a war of words ! Of course if you are listening to Pelosi or Warren you would want to just surrender. Those gals are wearing their knitted hats too tight !
 I did have several people agree that something needs to be done. Those same folks agreed it shouldn't be us and no one should get killed. Military action may be necessary but surely no one dying. Hmm, interesting idea a war without casualties. One person felt it would be wrong to attack North Korea because all the people are being forced to do what that dictator says. Using that theory why did we ever retaliate against the Japanese, they were just doing what their dictator ( Emperor ) told them right ? How unfair of us to kill those people. We should have had a good talk with them. I even had a total stranger telling me what a big talker I was because I didn't have anyone in harms way. I did have to inform this person that he was incorrect. I have had a family member, on occasion several at a time, in every war and conflict this nation has been involved in beginning with the revolution. I told him fact is, I personally was involved in several. I didn't hear any more comments from the peanut gallery on that one. I wonder why anyone would make personal statements about a total stranger ? I have no idea whether that person ever served or even knows anyone that did. But that is the type of stuff that makes me wonder. The left is quick to assume things and quicker to deny the truth.
 The whole point here is I do enjoy reading what others are thinking. It does sometime cause a great deal of concern. I can only hope these folks are either just kidding or just trying to be politically correct. Surely that can't be that many naïve people in this country. Where did these folks attend school ? Sadly many claim to have advanced degrees and yet talk like complete fools. They do seem to have difficulty separating reality from wishful thinking. People die in wars ! I do think I am beginning to understand their thinking somewhat. I think you have to start with a " victim " mentality. You have to believe that everything that happens to you is because you are the victim. A " victim " can seek retribution, after all they are justified in that action. Victims can't be proactive though because that may cause you to be viewed as aggressive ! Oh my, we mustn't be intolerant of others, even when the others want to kill us ! We will just talk to them about that. If they should cause us physical harm we are " victims " and can react. Mostly we will react by using stronger language and we won't play with you anymore. We will head for our safe spaces, maybe the playground has a buddy bench. Anyone got the crayons and coloring books ? We could drop them into North Korea much like the propaganda pamphlets the Germans used in WW2. That should calm that mean dictator down.
 So you see that is the problem as I see it. I'm not a victim of anything. I have made my choices in life and so must live with them. That's simply the way it works. I'm not complaining about it. Yeah there are times I wish I had chosen something different. That doesn't mean you should have to change your choices to suit me. We create most of the circumstances we find ourselves in. In a larger sense the United States is in the situation it is in now because of inaction on the part of the last administration. All that administration did was talk a lot and issue warnings. We will " sanction " you. Yeah, you see how that worked out. Personally I am tired of America being a victim. It is time to stand up and be accountable. We are supposed to be the leaders of the free world. We need to do a lot more than talk about it. Let's get'er done.