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Friday, April 7, 2017

diplomatic ?

 I got up to find out the United States has bombed, or is it missiled, Syria. President Trump ordered this in response to their use of chemical weapons on their own people ! I don't want to see a war started anymore than anyone else but I believe it was a necessary thing. I remember when then President Ronald Reagan ordered the strike on Libya. That was in response to a terrorist attack in Berlin that killed two Americans. Muammar Gaddafi was shown to be behind that attack. Reagan said, if you allow these terrorist to go unpunished it does nothing but embolden them. Libya " behaved " themselves for two years after that before engaging two US warplanes in a dogfight. The Libyans lost ! Notice you don't hear much about Muammar Gaddafi anymore. That happened back in 1986. Now we are seeing the rise of terrorism once again. Something needs to be done. If the United States wants to be a world leader we have to lead ! You don't lead by words, you lead by action.
 Yesterday was the official date that America entered the first World War. Woodrow Wilson did so reluctantly. He felt, as did most Americans, that it was a European problem. The Germans sank the Lusitania in 1915 without giving any warning first. That was a outrageous action to the civilized world. Then the Germans announced they would launch unlimited submarine warfare against anyone trying to ship goods to England. When Germany invaded neutral Belgium and killed civilians, including women and children that was the last straw. The United States entered the conflict to stop the Germans. We all know how that worked out. Unfortunately Germany was allowed to retool and rebuild and we had to do that all over again. The lesson should be clear enough. You do have to act in response to these events, these atrocities, when committed.
 We will have to just wait and see what response Russia will offer. Russia is backing Assad but to what extent ? Was this use of chemical weapons orchestrated as a sort of test ? Did Russia want to call the " bluff " of America. Perhaps this will serve as a message to others that President Trump will respond with action. All these nations have heard a lot of talk over the last eight years. A new Sherriff is in town folks, and things will be done differently. Let us all pray this is all that is necessary. I'm certain China and North Korea have taken note of this. Perhaps they will be reminded of the true power of the United States. The days of empty threats and rhetoric are over. Terrorists be warned ! Trump responded to their unconscionable actions and the message is clear. The United States will respond to terrorist attacks with lethal force. I was in the Gulf for " Shock and Awe " and believe me that is just what it was. Those few missiles launched last night are just a little sample. I don't want war with anyone. There does come a point were you have to act, when the diplomacy ends. Hard liner ? Some will say that about me and I really don't care. The time for talk is over ! Missile strikes are not diplomatic but very effective at delivering the message. As a popular commercial asks, " can you hear me now ? " Hate him, love him, or somewhere in-between Trump will be heard. this guy ain't foolin' folks.