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Sunday, April 30, 2017

taken for granted

 Went out and bought some clams yesterday. The wife and I will enjoy them on the half shell. In doing so I was reminded of the days I used to go dig'em down to Hands Creek. It is an old saying and a true one, you really don't appreciate what you have till it's gone.  Now my wife didn't grow up in the town of my youth and so doesn't really know the area, in fact, she has never been there. We do share a mutual love of clams though. I was telling her how I would go dig some clams anytime the mood struck me. This was back in a time when you didn't need any permits and such to do that. If you got hungry just go dig some clams or go catch a fish or two. It really was a simpler time. While I was telling the tale I realized what good stewards of the water and land we were. It wasn't a conscious thing either, you just took what you wanted and nothing more. Whether on land or in the water you just naturally picked up after yourself too. Fact is, we didn't have a lot to throw away as we seldom took much with us. Might take a thermos with something cold to drink in it, remember those with the little spout on them, or a few sandwiches wrapped in waxed paper. We sure didn't take any where near the stuff along that folks do today. I do believe a lot of this " stewardship " came from the fact the resources were always available to us. What I mean is, it wasn't a novelty or a big deal to go fishing or clamming or whatever. You could always go again tomorrow. It is something I still think about, there are no more tomorrows for me in that place and time. It's something that happens to us all.
 Taken for granted is the phrase that best describes that situation. I did take for granted all those wonderful things. There was something to be harvested year ground if you were of a mind to. I wasn't aware of it at that time but you could really live off the land, and water, back then. I'm not saying it would have been a life of ease and luxury, but it would have been possible. Well possible as far as having something to eat that is, housing and the like is a different thing altogether. I didn't live in the wilderness.  There were taxes to be paid and building permits and certificates of occupancy and all those regulations in place. In the end our very subsistence has been regulated. The quest for the almighty dollar did make a great deal of those regulation a necessity. People started taking a lot more than what was necessary. They did so in the quest for the dollar ! What was worse was when the " sportsmen " converged on the area. There had always been a certain amount of these " sportsmen " that came out to fish and hunt in the unspoiled land I grew up in. They were mostly the wealthy folks seeking a little adventure. It was an adventure to them, just everyday living to us. It didn't take that many years, relatively speaking, for the " sportsmen " to destroy everything. It was these " sportsmen " that stripped the living from the locals and made it their sport. Bureaucrats and businessmen regulated everything making it all a for profit enterprise. It has been my observation when people have to pay for entertainment they don't expect to have to clean up after themselves or maintain the area either. The attitude becomes, I'm paying for a good time and I'll just party away. In a way they are taking for granted that someone else will be responsible.
 All of this should serve as a reminder to not take for granted whatever it is you have today. It can all be gone tomorrow. I know that is an old clich√© but it is so true. I'm not talking about you dying but the stuff you enjoy being regulated out of existence. I do believe it is something all of us need to pay more attention to. Regulations are normally created to benefit someone. The government line will always be it is for your own good, for your protection. I suggest you consider all of that carefully before casting your ballot. This is especially true when it comes to local government. You had best be paying attention to what is going on around you. Businessmen and bureaucrats will enact regulations that restrict your ability to continue the lifestyle you have been accustomed too. They will tell you it is of benefit to you ! To coin another old phrase, take that with a grain of salt. The big catch phrase these days in politics is " grass roots " movements. What does that mean ? It means it starts with you. Government does start with the people. At least our government does. All I'm saying here is, pay attention !