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Thursday, April 27, 2017

hate and disappointment

 Why is it even when we knew the true character of a person, or peoples, we are still disappointed ? Is it because we all harbor hope that these folks will change ? I think that is the case with me anyway. I am somewhat of a sucker in that regard. I'm all about giving others a second chance. Well, most of the time I am anyway, there are instances where that doesn't apply. I remember many years back a neighbor, and a person I considered a friend had been drinking. To make a long story short he punched me so hard he knocked me out ! It was a punch out of nowhere, totally unexpected. I never gave him another chance ! Oh, he knocked on my door the next day all apologetic but that apology wasn't accepted. It was the first time I realized the true nature of that person. What I am thinking about are those that disappoint repeatedly. I don't know if the frustration is with myself or with them.
 It is a difficult thing to process. When you are convinced in your beliefs and when others are telling you are wrong the wise man does question himself. I try to give others the benefit of the doubt but find it hard to extend that courtesy to myself. I guess that is because I don't have any doubt. Then I have to question that based on the way it sounds. Sounds conceited doesn't it ? Is it conceit if you are correct though ? Strangely it comes off as a disappointment to me. I was right all along and now I am disappointed. That is this feeling I am trying to come to grips with. I do feel the worst that can happen to a person is to be ignored, to be considered inconsequential. We all need to feel valued.  I know that is true with myself and feel bad when I impose that feeling on others. I wonder if it is a mutual thing though. I mean, do others feel the same way about that as I do ? Can you just blatantly ignore others if those others were at one time important to you ? Can you just dismiss someone ? I admit to having an issue with that. The only way I can dismiss someone completely is when they make me angry. I just don't stay that mad for very long. I wonder about people that do. I always find I have to let it go at some point. I expect if I met that man that punched me today I would shake his hand and say hello. I'm still a little mad about that but it has changed from anger into being leery. I certainly wouldn't trust him. Anger is the breeding ground for hate. I do get mad but I don't believe I hate. I can dislike someone but that doesn't mean I hate them, it means I disagree with them. Hate is when you take action against someone for nothing more than personal satisfaction. I mean, it serves no purpose whatsoever other than to gratify you.
 I'm thinking these feelings are coming to surface now because of the current situation in our country. I sense a whole lot of anger, from everyone. Anger does breed hate ! Hate is not a good thing at anytime and only feeds into the unrest. Hate will drive folks to take unreasonable actions. We all need to find a way to dismiss the hate. The only way that can happen is through discussion. We have stopped talking to each other and are just yelling ! That only serves to get attention, not solve the problem. You know it could be that is Trumps purpose, to get all of our attention. In that I would have to say he has been successful. Alright, our attention has been gained, now what are we going to do ? That is the question each of us need to answer. Quit yelling, quit being angry and let's talk this over rationally. If we don't, it'll come to hate. Hate is a selfish thing.