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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Medical records

 Yesterday when I was writing about quality of life it was in response to the questionnaire they give you at the doctors office. I'm not one to go to the doctors on a regular basis. I'm a as the need arises kinda guy. Yeah, I know I should go in for regular checkups and all that. I even see an advertisement lately for a five test package plan. For a set fee of 149 dollars you get five screenings of different types. Well my guess is at least one of those five screenings is going to precipitate follow up visits. But if it gives people peace of mind I suppose it is a good thing, I just don't worry about things like that much. I'm getting to be of the opinion that all these medical tests and worries are causing more problems than curing anything. I do subscribe to the theory if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
 I'm sure you have all filled out those forms. I have difficulty remembering such things as, when was your last physical. I don't know, a couple years ago maybe. Who is your primary care physician. The one that is working on me at the moment is what I want to write. Surgeries ? Yeah, I've had my appendix removed at some point, I'd guess back in 84 or so. All that is just an annoyance to me but when they start asking about others, family history, I'm really at a loss. My family doesn't sit around talking about our ailments. You would think they would know that as strict as they are about keeping your medical information private. That's what we do at home too, keep it private. It is only on a need to know basis. I do know that in the last few years it seems to be becoming a bit of a competition. I mean I hear people talking about what they have and others responding with what they have. It looks like they are trying to impress each other with who has the more serious problem. Almost like they are bragging about it ! I don't get it at all. I don't want everyone to know my business. I'm not looking for sympathy.
 I understand the importance of all that from a medical standpoint. It is just that it isn't the way I was raised. I can remember as a young boy my mom being home, bedridden. She was to rest. I didn't learn until ten years later or so that she had a hysterectomy. Why, you didn't talk about such things in polite company. No sir, that was between Dad and the doctor to know and that's all. My great grandfather died when I was 14, I still don't know why. What killed him ? I expect it was just old age and something wore out, hey, it happens. I don't know my mothers medical history or my fathers. Guess I could ask Mom but she wouldn't like that much, probably tell me it's none of my business.
 I can't help but wonder if we wouldn't be better off starting with a clean slate. What I mean is let the doctor figure it out for himself. As a mechanic I don't like it when a non-mechanic tries to tell me the problem with an engine. I don't try to tell Eric Clapton how to play guitar. I'm thinking all this information may lead him or her to a premature diagnosis. It may also necessitate ordering a battery of tests that are completely irrelevant to the problem.
 I guess I had better get used to all of this. I have reached that age where things are starting to get worn. From all that I see on television and hear from the old folks doctors are going to big part of my life from here on out. I know my mom worries about her doctors appointments for weeks in advance. When ever I talk to the " senior " folks that is the main topic of conversation. I'm not happy about any of this.