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Thursday, April 13, 2017

step right up

 As I sit in my little corner of the world and the news comes in I am often amused. Oh sure world events and the like can be a sobering reality but there is humor out there as well. Yesterday that news arrived in the form of an advertisement on Facebook. I read with great amusement of a tour one can take for 75 dollars and it's narrated. Why would that be so amusing you ask ? Well, because the tour is of my hometown ! Yes, it's true you can take a tour of East Hampton, including the villages of Amagansett and Montauk. I wonder if it is a three hour tour. If not it should be because it is a situation comedy in my thinking. The ad does say there will be wine tasting, beer tasting and food. I'd have to be drunk to pay 75 dollars to take that tour. LOl, I can't stop laughing. Just what are they going to show these folks ? Oh I know there are a few historic attractions. Let's see, Home Sweet Home is there. There are five windmills and the Lighthouse at Montauk Point. Hmm, nothing in between comes to mind unless you count riding by somebody's' house. I mean some famous people have lived there and still do but no one you can knock on the door and actually meet. I heard that Seinfeld is especially inhospitable to drop in guests. Well, guess the beer and wine is supposed to make up for that.
  On a much sadder note for me is this notion of a " historic " tour, although I don't think it was advertised as such. But to me, taking a tour of a place is to see either what it is now, or what it used to be. Seeing as how East Hampton is a real living and thriving town without any real modern attractions other than shopping and nightclubs, the party scene is what East Hampton, indeed, all  the Hamptons is all about these days, I'd have to believe that tour is about what was. I suppose you could say it is about tasting the beer and wine and so you shouldn't be driving and that is why the tour bus. Okay, I'll concede that much but why wouldn't you just advertise that ? A tour of the wineries and breweries. I don't know not having lived there since about 1975 I really can't say what it is like any more. I remember what it used to be. It is that memory that brings a sense of sadness and one of " anger " to the surface. Although initially an amusing thought this taking a tour of the old hometown it quickly turned to something else. I haven't quite put my finger on it but it has been nagging at me ever since I first read that advertisement. Is my past, and my parents and grandparents past an attraction ? Is that something to have narrated to you while you ride in a tour bus ? For those of you that may have watched the Jerry Seinfeld show it reminds me of when Kramer had the J Peterman reality tour  episode. Is my past and all the generations before me worth the price of admission ? NO, well there is beer and wine tasting. And of course we can say how rich and famous people lived here and still do as that is a big deal. Maybe the locals will dress up for you  and you could throw them a few sheckles from the window of the tour bus. But, I'm not going to get all upset by this, it is what it is. I will stay amused by it all, like a side show. Dad was right, a fool and his money soon part company.
 As I said in my comments yesterday on that posting I am reminded of a George Jones song, The Grand Tour. Step right up, take the tour, if you liked to see the things that used to be. Here's the clamrake I used to make a living with and a dried net lying on the floor. A rusty Dodge truck with a winch in the bed and a dory rotting in the yard. Yes sir, step right up.