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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pain is a part of healing

 There are times when I wake up with a thought and not much more. This is one of those days. I woke up thinking, pain is part of healing. That thought is a result of my granddaughter having had surgery. I just know that she is hurting and there isn't much you can do about that. Yes, the doctors prescribe pain killers, masks is all they are, temporary reprieve from the pain and a good thing. Still, the pain is there and can be felt. And that got me to thinking. All pain is like that, physical and emotional. Pain is a part of healing. Once the pain subsides we will continue on. Medications make that passage bearable. For some they never want to leave that medication, whether it is prescribed or self medicated, they have a dependence on that. It is something to guard against. For my granddaughter it has only been two days, yet I have concerns. My concern is to relieve that pain only to a manageable level. Not that I have any control over any of that but it is still a concern.
 I do wonder if we have a tendency to over medicate these days. In the past the drugs we had weren't quite as effective or readily available. I think we can all agree that the pharmaceutical companies are doing a booming business. Now not everything they are pedaling relieves pain that is true but it does plant a seed of dependence. What I mean to say is, we are much quicker to reach for the " magic formula " to relieve our suffering. It is really no different than the " snake oil " salesman of the past. Hey, Coca-Cola started out that way when they still put cocaine in the formula. It really did make you feel great ! Very refreshing indeed. How many pills are prescribed to ease nervousness, tension, anxiety and any number of maladies, real or perceived ? Far too many is my thinking. It is a tricky balancing act for sure.
 I'm not saying my granddaughter shouldn't be getting some pain meds at this point. I'm not saying anyone should be denied relief from pain. I do think that pain is a part of healing. If we mask all that pain, all the time, can we ever really heal ? I just don't think we will. I think we will reach for that magic pill or powder to return us to that state we enjoyed prior to the pain. With physical pain we should understand that we will not feel terrific every day, all day. Aches and pains are a normal part of everyday living. Pain can serve as a warning signal, do we really want to turn the signal off ! I don't think it is a good idea to silence the alarm. Emotional pain is much the same way. You do have to learn to live with hardship, disappointment, sorrow and loss. It is all a part of life. The pharmaceutical companies, along with those pedaling alcohol offer an alternative. Just dull your senses. I'm not opposed to a little relief, but I firmly believe all things in moderation.
 All of this must be balanced with our desire to see those we love and care for be comfortable. No one wants to see others in pain. Hey we all would ease the suffering of anyone, if we could. Are we doing them any favor though if we continue in that pursuit by artificial means ? I think it is our job to bear some of that pain for them. That pain for us is making the right choices. I would pamper and spoil her, give in to her every whim, if I didn't believe doing so would be harmful. And so in this situation all I can do is offer encouragement and support. I have to remember the pain is hers, not mine. I must do what is best for her. It sure is difficult to hear of her pain and know that she must go through that. I try to take comfort in that knowledge, the knowledge that pain is a part of healing. a necessary thing. I sure wish I could bear the pain for her but that's not the way it works. I am confident that she will come out stronger than she went in and that is the goal.