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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

erasing history ?

 I was reading about the removal of four confederate monuments from the city of New Orleans. Here in Maryland there has been an ongoing fight about the " Peace cross " that was erected to commemorate 49 soldiers lost in battle from Prince George's county in WW1. Opponents claim it is on public land and that the cross is offensive to Atheists. As of this writing the Cross still stands as it makes it way through the judicial system. Thousands of dollars being spent by both sides in the ongoing battle that could be otherwise be put to good use. I was wondering how many tax dollars were wasted in deciding to remove the four monuments in New Orleans. I expect the cost is considerable.
 Now I'm a Yankee through and through. I was born in the north and Great Great Grandfather Terry served with the 127th New York Infantry during the late war. There are a number of monuments commemorating the Union victory. That is as it should be. The whole thing to me is the Rebels have that same right of remembrance as we do. What is a monument ? It is a building, structure or statue dedicated to the remembrance of a person or event. That is what they are. In my mind certain ones are akin to a gravestone. They deserve the same respect and shouldn't be tampered with. This notion that the past is offensive is just more liberal dribble ! You can not erase the past no matter how many monuments you remove. In fact you are going to accomplish nothing more than drawing the attention and ire of those folks that feel as I do. I fail to see how anything constructive can be achieved in this fashion. Oh, but you say, those monuments are symbols of hate and bigotry. No, they are reminders of those men and women that fought and died for a cause. Basically the cause was an economic one and concerned with the notion of centralization of power but these liberals can't seem to grasp true history. No, these folks want to rewrite history to suit their own agenda. No matter the cause, the monument is not to the cause, it is to the people. There are many " offensive " people interred in cemeteries throughout our nation. Shall we go and remove their headstones ? Shall we erase their memory from earth ? The Egyptians tried to do that didn't they ? That was over five thousand years ago and we still talk about it ! So I would say, duh, learn from history do not attempt to erase it.
 Another question in all of this is any war noble ? Is one war more politically correct than another ? How should we decide which wars to commemorate ? Really, are we commemorating the war ? No, as I said we are commemorating the people that fought in that war. This idea that we should vilify an entire generation of folks based on their political motivation is just crazy. And make no mistake about it, it was politics that started that war. The same as it is today. the politicians put a spin on that to motivate the people. We went into WW1 reluctantly. Britain and several other European nations were heavily in debt to the United States. If they lost the war we wouldn't get paid back. Then the Germans sank the Lusitania killing 128 Americans and further declared unrestricted submarine warfare. That meant they would sink any ship from any nation. So, the United States entered the war in defense of the world ! Was it the debt owed or the lives lost ? In WW2 the Japanese attacked us, leaving little choice. But what of all the wars and conflicts that have followed ? Were they all noble causes for the sake of humanity ? No, that's the short answer. And so I say, shall we tear down all the monuments to all the men and women that have fought and died in any war ? After all, war in and of itself is offensive. Why should we be reminded of that ? I hope you see the ridiculousness of that last statement.
 It just infuriates me when I see what is going on. Tearing down monuments to the fallen. And this coming from the folks that declare their heritage and choices as PRIDE. We have lesbians, gays, transvestites, bi-sexuals and queer or questioning, you choose what the Q stands for because they don't, holding these parades. They are flying their rainbow flag and insist that isn't offensive to anyone. Their agenda is inclusiveness unless you fought for the confederacy that is, then you are just offensive. Talk about being a hypocrite ! Then you have these liberal folks that are always preaching equality. Everyone is equal, even when they are not equal, they are equal. We will adjust the scale to make it appear that everyone is equal if need be. Equality at all costs, even inequality ! Well except if it is a monument or flag from 1861 to 1865 that would be offensive. Those four years of conflict must be erased from history. You can't take any pride in any of that. Well if you are from the north and it is a northern monument that is alright. Now that's inclusive.
 Enough ranting for today, it'll change nothing in the long run. It is all about politics as usual anyway. If we want the votes we will capitulate to the lobbyists. Make no mistake about that, it is money that is fueling this agenda. Those " white devils "  from 1861 to 1865 need to be eliminated from the conversation. Nothing there but symbols of repression ! If we remove those monuments everyone will just forget about all that stuff. I would think it would be far better to be reminded. There was a price paid for you to be able to act as you do. It was those folks whose monuments you wish to destroy that cemented that right, and you would erase them from memory ! Ingrates and pathetic fools. That's my feelings about that.