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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Obliged to move

 Trump has been President for 87 days. The protests have died down some but those on the left are still pretty upset. I guess there will be more protests today about his tax returns. I do wonder why they are of such interest. I would venture to say 95% of those demanding to see them wouldn't have a clue about them in the first place. I know I'm not an accountant and certainly not one specializing in tax laws. Personally I don't think there is anyone that can decipher the tax code as it is written now anyway. But, they have to complain about something I suppose. Of course Al Sharpton owes millions but he is there little pet so that's alright. The notion that Trump owes money to the Russians, Chinese or North Korea is a troubling one isn't it ? It could be very well be. I'm not awfully concerned though.
 I have said all along that I didn't vote for Trump. That is just a historical fact. I am also not protesting against him. Like it or not he is the leader of our country, our commander in chief. Being a retired navy man I'd say he was the captain of the ship. I would also say, I may not like him but I not going to make him run us aground ! No, I'll do what I can to make sure we have smooth sailing. Presidents are like Captains, they change and with them so does policy. I have to admit that so far this Captain is more to my liking than the last. He doesn't seem afraid to sail into a storm, although he is approaching it with caution. Hey, at least he calls our enemies out on their nonsense. He is not afraid to remove the covers from the rifles ! I agree with a show of strength and letting these folks know we ain't fooling around. Call him crazy if you like but I like a man that will stand up and be counted.
 I don't want to see any more conflict in the world than what already exists. I also don't think it is wise to just talk about it and do nothing. Economic and political sanctions have done nothing but embolden those that would seize opportunity. That fat little Korean dictator needs to be put in his place. Whether China does it or the United States, it needs to be done. The guy is a dangerous man. I said it before and I'll repeat it, it is my hope that his own generals caused the failure of that last missile to launch. Yeah, some are saying we sabotaged it, but I don't believe that. I do think China will step in, there is too much money at stake here. That is always the reason behind wars and conflicts, money. North Korea doesn't have any money but they have coal that China needs. It's been fine for China with that dictator practically starving his people to death to feed his weapons programs. China has been getting their coal at reasonable prices because North Korea doesn't have to pay the workers much and safety and all that stuff is non-existent, just keep digging coal boys. But if he goes too far that supply could be interrupted, business would suffer and we can't have that. So maybe China will take care of it. I wouldn't say I am happy to hear it but I do think it is time the President of the United States stood up and said, enough talk, we're going to take care of business.
 Presidents are measured by their first hundred days. For whatever reason that has always been so. I can't remember a president that has been under such an assault his first 87 days. And it has been an assault. The press has attacked him at every chance. Social media has done nothing but vilify his every action. His family has been attacked like no other first family. SNL has made their living off lampooning him. It hasn't been a smooth transition of power that much is certain. In my opinion the left has made a laughing stock out of America. Pink knitted hats and safe spaces ! Just what image is being projected. It most certainly isn't one of strength ! Well I say it is time to flex our muscles just a bit. I do think Trump is the man that will do that. He may be judged harshly for that by the liberals. It may lead to his removal from office. I think that depends upon the resolve of the American people themselves. Are we going to allow it ?  Or will we, as Americans, stand our ground, impose our will, and take charge of the situation once again. I believe America was created to lead the world and lead we shall ! Our last " leader " was weak and spineless. He wouldn't call terrorists , terrorists for fear of offending someone. I'm going to say it, he was just some punk. A lot of talk but no real courage.  He and his administration did more harm to America than any other administration in my lifetime. I'm not saying Trump will be our saving grace but he has earned the privilege of trying. He won the election ! That's the bottom line in all of this. He is now the Captain I must sail with, I'm not abandoning ship ! That doesn't mean I agree with everything he does but I am bound to follow orders. It is my job as a citizen. Citizenship is granted by the power of the government, by the law of the land. Citizenship carries with it obligations. You are obligated to perform certain functions within that framework. The first and certainly not the least of these obligation s is to vote. Having voted your obligation then becomes respecting the outcome of that process. It doesn't include getting a do-over when your candidate doesn't win, that will come in time, two to four years depending on the office for which we are voting. In the meantime your obligation is to support the current administration. If all you can manage is not staging violent protests, that's what it is. If all you can manage is common decency, that is then your obligation. I am obliged to offer as much support as I can muster in the defense of my country. If you can't support the nation then get out ! That's my feeling about it. The time for talk is over. On the television show " The Rifleman " Lucas McCain, the dad says to his son, " son, a man doesn't run to a fight, but he doesn't run from one either. " Words to live by. America has been running towards the fight. Have many Americans have we lost ? Collateral loses ? Collateral for what gain ? Think about that for just a minute. What have we gained in the last eight years ? Prestige, admiration, or respect on the international stage ? I don't think so. I think the opposite is true. I'm tired of that. Stand up America and stand your ground ! There does come a time when you just have to decide ! Either *hit or get off the pot, as my dad was fond of saying. Pence called it strategic patience but that is exactly what he meant. America has been sitting on the pot far too long. Time for a movement !