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Thursday, April 20, 2017

strength of conviction

 I don't believe we never know the strength of our convictions until they are put to the test. I believe that to be true for each and every one of us. These are my thoughts as I read the commentary on social media about the various events and happenings. It does sadden me to think that many of these folks do not have strong convictions at all. Seems like they are convicted to only one thing, changing their opinion with the tide of popularity. If the old saying, misery loves company is true, these folks sure have a crowd around them. Truly they must live a miserable existence.
 These are times that are testing our convictions. I would say America is going through a rough patch. America is like a big family. All families go through tough times. I'd say we are having quite the squabble right about now. There are those that just want to help the neighbors and others that have had enough of them. Are we going to build a bigger fence ? It's a big problem isn't it ? Then we are being threatened by others, foreigners and out of towners. What are we going to do about that ? Are we just going to continue talking, being conciliatory and meek ? Or is it time to just give them a good smack ! Yes, there is a time to act.
 Yes I'd say the problem is America, as a family, can't decide upon our convictions at all. You can't believe, I mean truly believe, opposite views and act as a family. You could say the President is the father of the family. Our latest father is a bit of a disciplinarian wouldn't you say ? He isn't afraid to say whatever is on his mind and I don't believe he believes in spare the rod, spoil the child philosophy either. I won't dispute that perhaps we have elected more than we asked for but he was elected fair and square. Yeah, I know the Russians helped him and WikiLeaks too. Not the point. I do believe that America does need to straighten up.  Just what does America stand for is the real question here. Are we willing to act upon our conviction ? That is the test of strength I'm talking about.
 America has always answered the call to action. We have always joined together to defeat the forces that would destroy us. It has been the strength of our convictions that took us to victory. It is true that those conviction have been less than defined following WW2. That is the last war we fought with true conviction. That is also why we can't really claim " victory " over our enemies since. History has bourn that truth out. Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria and the list goes on. In each instance we fought and lost lives. That is what happens in war and conflict, people die. Some die because of the strength of their conviction and some die as incidental participants. Was victory ever achieved ? Sadly the answer is no. It was one week after my own birth that the Korean War ended. I'm 63 right now and what is the threat now ? North Korea ! History is a sobering study of humanity. For 63 years we have stood guard at the DMZ and watched. What are we seeing now ? And yet there are many in the family that say, talk to them and we can settle this peacefully. Why I am less than hopeful ? I don't think it takes a genius to figure out that answer ?
 The time for talking is over. The time for swift and decisive action is upon us. Do we still posses the strength of  conviction that formed our nation in the first place ? Or has the family become weak, divided into factions without a common goal ? And that is what is required, a common goal. Just what is that commonality that will inspire us once again ? I pray that it becomes apparent soon. Without it America is lost. The strength of our collective conviction is being tested as a nation and that must be answered. I'm willing to do my part, set aside any squabble we are having in the family, and answer this threat. How about you ? In the past the motto was " for God and Country " My thinking it is the absence of God from that motto that is causing the confusion among the family. For God requires belief. I believe in America and I believe in God. Those are my convictions. The belief in God was far more " common " in years past. Is that the commonality we should be seeking ? I say, absolutely. Sounds trite doesn't it ? It does if you allow yourself to be deceived by the truth. The truth is, belief, strength of conviction is the strongest motivator there is. It is also why we are concerned with those " radicalized " people. Their beliefs, their strength of conviction is strong as well. It really isn't about whose God is better is it ? No, it is about who believes the strongest. Who is willing to test that strength with action ? In the ultimate irony the one with the strongest conviction of all would stand idle and do nothing. Turn the other cheek is the commandment. Not many of us have that strength of conviction do we ? No, we are human after all. And so we must test our strength of conviction in defense of our family. The American family. That's what I believe.