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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

lessons for living

 There are questions I think about every now and again that I just can't decide the answer too. When we're dead, will we know that we are dead ? The assumption is that we will, but why ? Why should we assume that other than the fact we wish it to be so ? I guess the question is does our spirit have a brain ? Or if it does is it the same one we have now ? I kinda hope that isn't the case because that could mean trouble. What I mean is, if I do manage to get past the pearly gates with the way my brain works, it'll be trouble. On the other hand I'm afraid St. Peter might meet me at the gate and say, you're kidding right ? See, that's how my mind works. I think about everything. I really do wonder if we will know we died.
 I know that most folks are afraid of dying, or at the least, don't want it to happen. Problem is, it will.  Now I'm not afraid of dying that doesn't scare me but not knowing what to expect is bothersome. Yes I have my faith that there is life after death. I do believe the spirit lives on. There are times when I think heaven is here on earth and hell is being alive ! You have to admit it is a pretty nice place to be, it is just the living part that is hard. The hardest part of all is watching as those we love depart. That is something I believe we all question, the why of that. I don't offer any answer to that one because frankly I don't understand it at all. Other than everything happens for a reason I just don't know. And that is why I ask, do we know that we died ?
 I've read the accounts and saw it in a movie once, the near death experience. Seeing a light and all that and I won't discount it. In a scientific way I would think our brain would go into overload if things start getting real bad. It would have to be an overwhelming bit of information for the brain to process. But that is the mechanic in me thinking about such things. It could just as easily be that we do see the " light " and for whatever reason turn around. I'd have to say we don't get a choice although Stephen King wrote a short story about all of that. The title escapes me but the plot of the tale was before you go into heaven you do get to choose between two doors. One door leads to heaven and the other takes you back to earth to start over. You are born to the same parents and all of that, but you get to start over with everything else being the same. That's why we experience deju vu. I don't think that is the case however because I do believe God has a plan. There has to be a plan doesn't there ? If there isn't all that is left is chaos. Seeing how ordered our universe is one can't possibly believe it is all an accident. So, yes there is a plan. Are our lives and deaths part of the plan ? Yes, I have to say they are, couldn't be any other way. The problem for us is a simple one, we aren't in charge ! We don't get to make the plan. We are given free will to do as we please that is true enough but whatever we do, or plan, isn't going to change a thing in the big plan. Well unless of course we screw things up so bad the plan gets scrapped ! If you are a person of faith that has happened a couple times that we know of. The great flood was one of them. Then there was Sodom and Gomorrah. The man changed whatever plan he had on those two occasions, wiped the slate clean and started over. Hey, could be that was his plan in the first place, lesson plans for man !
 Well, like I said I like to think about these questions from time to time. There is no answer that is right or wrong. I can't decide if I will know whether I'm dead or not. I'm leaning toward I'd rather not know. If I knew and could do anything about it I would be a restless spirit for sure. There are some I'd like to haunt ! Not to do harm to them, just mess with them. Maybe we can and that is what ghosts are all about. When we got tired of doing that we could just move, on is my thinking. Some just hang around longer than others. For some saying goodbye can take a while. Me, I don't like long goodbyes. Like removing a Band-Aid I want to do it as quickly as possible. So for me I guess it will depend upon whether dying hurts or not. Won't know that until it happens though. I don't think it will although whatever kills me might. Hmm, I'll have think about this.