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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Government or God

 I left a comment on a video posting and am left scratching my head. This video was some pundit declaring that Christianity in America wasn't under attack. That is the gest of what he was saying. He was complaining about being " hit over the head with the bible " as a means of governing behavior. He cited some " facts " that really weren't very convincing. One fact that stood out to me was rather silly. He was pointing out that the majority of our legislators were Christians and so overrepresented in Government ! Well, duh, a recent Gallup poll says 77% of Americans identify as Christians so shouldn't that be expected ? So, I don't get the point he was trying to make there. Whatever, but the comment I made was about establishing a moral and ethical code. I was saying that the purpose of all religions was to do just that. I went on to say that the separation of church and state did not mean the absence of moral, ethical or religious belief in government. All that was meant by that separation was the founding fathers felt it important for the government to not endorse a particular denomination of Christianity. A point of view I understand is not shared nor understood by many of these liberal thinking people in America. And my comment was answered by one of those. This person feels there should be no religion at all ! Well, to be precise you should have the freedom ( legally ) to practice any religion you want, that is what is meant by freedom of religion. In other words, if any religion forbids a practice that religion is wrong, it's imposing their belief on you ! And that is where the confusion comes in. Religious beliefs and practices should be allowed even when they are completely at odds with the betterment of society. If it's wrong, it's right ? That is tolerance, compassion and understanding ? Well it is non-confrontational that much I could agree with.
 What I am scratching my head about is on what shall we base our moral and ethical behaviors if we don't establish some baseline for them ? We can't use religion , remember ? So how do we codify what is moral and what is not ? Take human sacrifice for instance. My religion says it is a requirement, I am supposed to be allowed to practice my religion, unfettered, that is the argument. Does that mean I can then sacrifice someone ? Take this religion of Islam, you know the one we are supposed to tolerant, even embrace. They believe in female genital mutilation should that be allowed ? A doctor in America was recently arrested for performing such actions, her defense will be religious freedom. My point here is, if we are writing laws to establish moral and ethical behaviors just what are we going to base those laws on ? The simple answer is a majority opinion. Just whatever we decide at the time ? And in that we find the reasoning of the liberals. Let us not restrict ourselves to what we know is basic human rights but expand those rights to include whatever we want. We mustn't deny ourselves anything. The very mention of any religious restrictions must be removed from the conversation. The very mention of religion must be removed from government. In that way we can " legalize " any aberrant behaviors that become inconvenient to enforce. Without any religious restrictions on our behavior we are " free " to act as we please without judgement right ? If it is " legal " it is justified. Never mind about the truths we hold to be self evident, we will legalize whatever makes a profit and appeases the general population. It is easier to just let them do whatever they please isn't it ! Mustn't offend anyone or hurt their feelings by telling them they are wrong ! Worse still to punish them for those actions.
 One doesn't have to look very hard to see many examples of this in society today. The liberals are pushing their agenda of non confrontation by confronting the religious left ! They are saying that it is religion that is wrong. That having moral and ethical behaviors enforced by the government is just wrong altogether. Only government can decide what is right or wrong. They accuse those with religious beliefs of being modern day Pharisees. The truth is they wish to establish the government as that institution ! And the " religion " is money. Hey the government is collecting the taxes right. The government is imposing their idea of morality on the population. How is that different from those Pharisees in the Bible ? Follow our laws or be killed. If you so much as speak against our law, we will vilify you in the name of freedom. You will be accused of wrongdoing, imprisoned, or maybe even killed outright ! Just be silent and the government will provide you with whatever you need to be happy. The government knows what is best. You can practice your religion, in private, that is your right, guaranteed by the constitution of the United States. Thing is you aren't supposed to really believe it or tell anyone else about it. Just be quiet about your faith. It is wrong to state your beliefs publically and incite others to perhaps follow your idea. That would be just " hitting them over the head " with the Bible ! Of course holding parades, rallies, and protests about not getting your way isn't wrong that is freedom. Yes, restrictions on our moral and ethical behaviors and beliefs just aren't going to make us enough money. In response we will just allow it all. That's freedom.
 This has been a rather long and confusing thought. Maybe now you know why I'm scratching my head. Just how can you have to both ways at the same time ? You can't use religion as a basis for morality or ethical behaviors, yet you are free to practice your religion as long as it doesn't impose a moral or ethical standard on anyone else. I can believe something is wrong as long as I don't tell you that it is. So what you're trying to tell me is that all truth is subjective ? There are no universal truths ? I don't have any rights unless those rights are granted to me by government ? At the same time government is guaranteeing my right to follow my religion which is in contradiction to the very rights they are imposing ? Well, that's confusing isn't it ? Now, if we all agree that there are " universal truths just what entity delineated those truths ? ? Was it government or God ?