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Thursday, April 6, 2017

was it fair ?

  I try to write about new and different subjects as often as I can manage it. I figure no one wants to read the same old tired stuff. I admit it gets to be difficult at times. I get in trouble every once and a while for writing about controversial topics. When that happens I am always somewhat puzzled. I appreciate folks reading my writings but what I say is only my opinion. I sure don't think my opinion matters a whole lot in other peoples lives. My opinion matters to me that's why I tell you all what it is. You are certainly free to agree or disagree. That is the basis for discussion, the exchange of ideas.
 This morning I don't have a particular subject matter in mind. It is all the same old stuff I think about. Politics, the weather and old stories. I did cook on the grill for the first time this year. It was a pleasant day and the chicken was good. I was helping my granddaughter with a research project she was assigned. Women in sports is the topic. I learned the first " professional " female athlete was a lady named Joan Weston. In the 1960's she was the Roller Derby Queen and the highest paid female athlete in America. Not something I would have guessed. Later on Billie Jean King played Bobby Riggs and defeated him. That opened the door for female tennis players. Later on it was rumored that the match was rigged to satisfy a debt Riggs had with the mob. Male chauvinism ? Could be.
 I was amused by that because I remember watching roller derby on television and of course the " battle of the sexes. " I wasn't really aware I was watching history. Some say the match between Billie Jean and Bobby was the event that shattered the proverbial glass ceiling for women in sports. I can see that. The prevailing attitude was that no woman could beat a man in a sporting event that was a physical contest. Sure Bobby was old, 55, and Billie Jean young, 29, but that didn't matter. Well we all know that King won. Was it a " fair " contest ? I'd say it was fair enough if both agreed to it. That is how I view that anyway and still do to this day. With everything else being equal I don't believe it is a fair contest for a male to compete physically against a female. I think that is true even when they change gender. Now let me reiterate, with everything else being equal I don't believe it is a fair contest.
 Well, like I said I don't have much to talk about this morning. I am just a bit preoccupied.